LONDON, Mar 23, 2001 ( – The Catholic Bishops of England have released a document entitled “Vote for the Common Good” in which they note that abortion should be at top of the list of questions that a constituent asks any prospective MP. The bishops also warn that euthanasia could be legalized in the next Parliament. “To do so would be both wrong and dangerous. Whatever the motive, euthanasia amounts to murder. It is wholly against the common good,” says the document. Other issues included for serious reflection in the document included support for marriage and family.

While the Conservative party welcomed the bishops’ intervention, the heavily pro-abortion Liberal Democrats were outraged and attempted to suggest that by focusing on life issues as most important, the bishops were being partisan. The Times reports that Nicholas Harvey, the Liberal Democrats’ health spokesman, tried to steer away from the life issues and focus only on causes more palatable to him and his colleagues. “I hope no one would forget the central Christian message of looking after the poor, and to that extent, ensuring proper housing, welfare and healthcare for everybody,” he said. Evidently “everybody” except the unborn.

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