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LONDON (LifeSiteNews) — Famed English writer and journalist James Delingpole has just given LifeSiteNews an exclusive interview about COVID vaccine injuries, the media, the emerging globalist takeover and faith in God after an event last night in London, England.

“I think it’s really weird, it’s like we are being ‘gaslit’ into accepting the false notion that what is happening now [with COVID vaccine injuries] is not apparent,” Delingpole told LifeSiteNews on Thursday after the “A Celebration of Dissent” event hosted by The Conservative Woman.

“You’ve got overwhelming evidence of vaccine injuries, at the same time the media, whose job it is to hold governments accountable and to question authority and so on, are pretending it’s not happening,” a former executive editor for Breitbart London continued. “That is bizarre, I was brought up to believe that we had a free press and that they held governments to account, and that they were there to protect the interests of the people, and they’re not, they’re actually [in the interest] of Big Pharma, of the government, of these shadowy [figures] … and I find it terrifying that so few people are awake to this … ”

Asked by LifeSiteNews what he thought was the “overall agenda” of this type of conspiratorial behavior between government, media and Big Pharma, Delingpole stated that it is the imposition of a serfdom-like state that motivates them.

“It’s the reintroduction of the Babylonian slave system, I mean, they want us all to be serfs of a very, very narrow group of controllers,” Delingpole explained. “It’s like life under the Pharaohs, life under the Babylonians, that is the plan.”

Asked how individuals can possibly stave off the implementation of such an overarching system, Delingpole highlighted the importance of using “cash” and “always” bringing up “the subject of what is going on” when interacting with people in daily life.

Turning to a more personal line of questioning, LifeSiteNews inquired about Delingpole’s own spiritual journey, and how his faith in God has changed or deepened during this time of global upheaval.

“Once you’ve been ‘red-pilled,’ and you realize what’s going on, then you start looking deeper into what’s going on and you become ‘black-pilled’ because you start … despairing about just how bad things are and just how long the badness has been going on for, because it’s been going on for generation after generation after generation,” Delingpole said.

“If you’re lucky, as I was, you realize that this is all part of God’s plan, and that God is going to see us right in the end,” he continued. “It’s all written in the Bible and God is the answer,” he concluded with a smile.

Delingpole, who has written extensively for a variety of publications, including the Daily Mail, Daily Express, the Times and the Daily Telegraph, has been on the forefront of COVID-19 dissident journalism in the United Kingdom.

He also hosts a successful podcast in which he interviews other experts who have expressed skepticism in the mainstream media’s COVID narrative, including former BlackRock executive Edward Dowd, anti-censorship writer Naomi Wolf and former Pfizer vice-president and respiratory pharmacologist Dr. Mike Yeadon.

Last night’s event – which began with the London premiere of the much-heralded documentary Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion – also featured a panel of expert guests who have been outspoken of the dangers of the COVID-19 experimental injections, including doctors Clare Craig and Ros Jones, and the aforementioned Yeadon.