EU Poll Shows Europeans Divided on Homosexual Marriage, but Reject Homosexual Adoptions



By Peter J. Smith

  BRUSSELS, December 22, 2006 ( - The majority of citizens in the European Union do not approve of legalizing homosexual “marriage” or the adoption of children by homosexual couples according to a recent poll.

  The Eurobarometer 66 examined the political and social opinions of 30,000 citizens of the EU member nations, incoming nations, and potential member states at the request of the European Commission.

  Although Europe’s elites have aggressively campaigned to impose same-sex “marriage” and adoption by homosexual couples, Europeans remain closely divided, with most of the support in Western Europe and Scandinavia. In other European nations, especially in former communist nations, they remain staunchly opposed to the homosexualization of Europe.

  About 49% of citizens of the 25 member European Union do not approve of homosexual “marriage”, whereas 61% in the EU remain totally opposed to homosexual adoption. Only 44% in the EU approve of same-sex marriage, and 32% approve of permitting same-sex couples to adopt children.

  Only 8 countries out of the twenty-five member EU have strong population majorities in favor of legalizing homosexual marriage: the Netherlands (82%), Sweden (71%), were the strongest supporters, followed by Denmark (69%),  Belgium (62%), Luxembourg, (58%), Spain (56%), Germany (52%), and the Czech Republic (52%). However, among these nations, only two - the Netherlands (69%) and Sweden (51%) - had populations supportive of adoptions by homosexual couples.

  The strongest opposing nations to homosexual “marriage” and adoption by homosexual couples were Greece and Latvia (both 84% and 89%) followed by Poland (74% and 89%).

  Two nations about to enter the EU rejected homosexual marriage and adoptions by homosexual couples. Both propositions respectively were rejected by the peoples in Bulgaria (15%, 12%) and Romania (11%, 8%).

  The Eurobarometer revealed that while Europeans hold respect for human life (43%) holding second place above human rights (41%), among their personal values, only 13% believed that respect for human life was embodied by the values of the EU.

  See the full details of the Eurobarometer 66 Survey:

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