UNITED NATIONS, October 20, 2004 ( – The European Union has earmarked $75 million US for the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) undermining Washington’s on-going embargo of contributions to the UN agency.  US President George W. Bush has refused the $34 million normally given annually to UNFPA since his election to office in 2000, because of the UNFPA’s support for China’s one-child and coerced abortion policy which violate US foreign aid restrictions.  The US$75 million from the EU is in addition to US$233 million it has already contributed to the UNFPA budget.  US delegate to the UN, Sichan Siv, ignoring the fuss over US denial of UNFPA funding, stressed that Washington is spending US$1.4 billion on foreign health assistance and on AIDS programs that may total US$15 billion by 2008.  .Tv