WINNIPEG, Manitoba, Nov 29 ( – IVF Canada, an infertility centre in Toronto, boasts that the first baby produced with pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) is about to be born in Manitoba. The PGD procedure involves the creation of multiple human embryos and targeting for destruction those with genetic defects or unwanted characteristics before implantation. 

The procedure is hailed by some as a “cure” for genetic diseases, it is in fact a eugenic tool for eliminating those with undesirable genetically identifiable features. The technology has the ability to search and destroy tiny humans just after their formation if they have detectable genetic diseases such as Down’s syndrome, genetically identifiable malformations such as cleft lip, and even those with particular skin or eye colouring, and of either sex. 

Carole Craig, the clinic manager at IVF Canada in Toronto reported the expected birth to the National Post. LifeSite reported that the clinic began offering PGD in September of 1997,  this is their first reported “success”.