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BRUSSELS (LifeSiteNews)—In a statement to the mainstream news agency Reuters, the European Commission (EC) has warned EU countries against unilaterally rolling out additional boosters for the COVID experimental “vaccines.”  

The EC holds that there is not enough information available about potential risks linked to giving patients a third dose, as many European countries are already planning to do. 

An extra booster shot is being touted in many countries as capable of substantially raising the immunity of the vaccinated, even against new variants, now that it has become abundantly clear that so-called “fully vaccinated” people are not at all fully protected from contamination and can also spread the coronavirus responsible for COVID-19. 

The European Medicines Agency is at present not prepared to authorize the “third shot,” which means that countries that recommend giving an extra shot to so-called “fully vaccinated” people must face the consequences alone if any problems should arise. 

Reuters quoted the European Commission, the EU’s executive body, as having said: “Booster doses are currently not part of the marketing authorization of COVID-19 vaccines and have not yet been subject to a scientific assessment by EMA in the absence of sufficient data.” 

The Commission’s statement added that “the responsibility to decide to include boosters in their vaccination campaign remains with the Member States (…) As long as the booster doses are not part of the marketing authorization, companies’ liability is modified.” 

In other words, neither the EU nor Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, and AstraZeneca, the four labs that have gained exclusive approval for their “vaccines” on the territory of the EU, would be considered responsible for any adverse effect that would normally allow victims to seek compensation. 

At present, who takes what responsibility for adverse effects of the experimental Spike protein injections is not very clear. European Union rules apply when adverse effects are deemed to be “unexpected” and related either to the product’s general characteristics or to the way it was manufactured. Member countries are expected to manage compensation according to EU rules while the labs involved have negotiated specific clauses with the EU that remain confidential for the most part. 

The issue raised by the European Commission is that of “unexpected” adverse effects that would be proved to be linked to the administration of an extra booster shot. Such boosters are already being recommended by France, Austria, Belgium, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, and Slovenia in order to counter – they say – dwindling “protection” as the SARS-CoV-2 Delta variant continues to replace the coronavirus the approved “vaccines” were designed to combat. 

Germany and 13 other EU countries are also considering offering third doses to their “fragile” citizens – if not imposing them, for it appears more and more probable that the definition of “full vaccination” will be modified as regards sanitary passes now required in several EU countries for many daily activities. 

The Commission is in effect telling those who will go ahead with the third dose – as France intends to do with its elderly population as of September 13, as well as with patients with comorbidities – that governments themselves would likely be obliged to bear the brunt of any successful lawsuits linked to such serious side-effects. 

A non-EU country, Israel, has already started rolling out extra booster shots; the “third dose” campaign began for over-60’s over a month ago and has now been extended to all citizens aged 12 and over. This means that, in Israel, adolescents are now being pushed to get a third jab which even such a pro-vaccination body as the European Commission is warning against. 

The number of dead in Israel attributed daily to COVID has risen steadily since July 29, and “cases” are also continuing to rise, reaching levels that had not been attained since the beginning of the COVID crisis. The proportion of deaths is less high than previously, a fact that is officially being attributed to widespread vaccination, but in nearby Jordan, where the vaccination rate is twice as low, both “cases” and deaths remain extremely low. In Israel, there is even talk of forcing the population into a new lockdown. 

While the mainstream media are pushing for an extra booster shot, once more telling the population that it is the only way out of COVID restrictions and of “beating” the virus, alternative sites have long been warning the population against specific risks linked with taking a third dose of the mRNA shots (Pfizer and Moderna) or the adenoviral shots (AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson). 

Critics contend that the “live” Spike protein which is the basis of the four authorized jabs in the EU is in itself toxic and responsible for the disease developed by people who get a severe form of COVID. and that having it repeatedly be produced by tricking individuals’ cells into making it is putting them at increased risk of severe complications. 

Jean-Marc Sabatier, a director of research at the French national research center CNRS and a doctor in cellular biology and microbiology, believes that manufacturers should have been careful to ensure that the Spike proteins injected by the current “vaccines” were unable to fix themselves on receptors in the human body, thereby avoiding the possibility that the vaccinated would develop a disease similar to COVID, as is happening when they get blood-clot related adverse effects. 

He is against to giving people third, and (why not?) fourth jabs (as total immunity fails to be reached) because the present two-jab (or one, for Johnson & Johnson) vaccine process has  already given rise to incidents of antibody dependent enhancement, or ADE, by which the vaccinated are exposed to infection by the internalization of virus and antibody complexes. 

Sabatier warns that if extra boosters are delivered, the third and fourth shots would augment the risk of forming “facilitating” antibodies that would help the virus to prosper. 

Other respected scientists and medical scientists have repeatedly warned against getting third or fourth injections. They include Michael Yeadon and Sucharit Bhakdi who, as early as February 2021 in the debate about Spike protein injections, warned that blood-clot complications would arise and would become more numerous with booster shots. 

At present, adverse effect vigilance has already established that a number of thromboses and heart problems are linked with the reception of the existing COVID-19 “vaccines.” 

In France only, by August 19, 78,639 adverse effects had been registered by the National Agency for Drug Security for the four authorized COVID-19 “vaccines,” of which one quarter were considered “serious.” Under-reporting of complications is a known issue. Sociologist and CNRS researcher Laurent Mucchielli recently published a study according to which the global mortality linked with COVID “vaccines” in France has reached 3.7 deaths per 100.000 vaccinated individuals, that is about 1,000 deaths by July 2021.  

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