European Parliament Accuses Croatia of Homophobia in Schools

Tue May 8, 2007 - 12:15 pm EST

By Gudrun Schultz

  Croatia, May 8, 2007 ( - Croatia has been targeted by the European Parliament over a sex education curriculum that  opposes homosexuality and teaches abstinence before marriage, Eubusiness reported April 24.

  Deputies for the EP accused Croatia of “supplying medically inaccurate and incomplete information about sexual and reproductive health and family planning as well as about available and legal contraceptive methods” in the proposed curriculum, in a letter sent to Croatian officials.

  The reproductive health and sexual curriculum was introduced by the GROZD Association, a parent-based group, with the backing of the Roman Catholic Church. Croatia is almost 90 percent Roman Catholic.

  The EP officials warned the curriculum could encourage “stigma and discrimination” and suggested it may violate Croatia’s laws against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

  They condemned the curriculum as “gender-biased” and said it features “negative attitudes towards homosexuality, thus contradicting Croatian laws.”
  The sex education program has received the approval of Croatia’s education ministry but still needs to be approved by the ministry of health before being introduced into the schools.

  The EP’s move against Croatia follows a resolution passed two weeks ago by the EP to take “homophobic” countries to court. First on their target list was Poland, which members of the EP vilified as “hateful” and “repulsive” for refusing to promote homosexuality in schools, in a debate in Brussels April 25.

  At issue was proposed Polish legislation that would make it illegal to teach pro-homosexual material in schools.

  Leaders of the European Union governing body made it clear there was no room for opposition to homosexual activity in the EU. “Such a law, if it were to emerge, would be in contradiction with the European human rights convention and the EU charter on fundamental rights,” said Vladimir Spidla, European commissioner for equal opportunity.

  Polish representatives gave a powerful rebuttal to the accusations from liberal MEPs, calling the resolution a “cynical manipulation designed to pull the wool over the European public’s eyes.”

  Polish MEP Bogdan Pek said the accusations were “an artificial piece of theatre.”

“An attempt to carry out an assault on a particular member state that a bunch of liberals and lefties disapprove of. Poland is a tolerant, hospitable country. It is absurd to suggest that Poland is an island of intolerance in Europe. That is an insult and a lie.”
  Croatia is not a member of the European Union but is seeking entrance and will likely be admitted within the next three years.

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