December 9, 2011 ( – The European Parliament, the European Union’s representative body, has passed a resolution urging the use of abortion and contraception to stop the spread of AIDS, while making no mention of abstinence education.

The document, coded “B7-0615/2011,” which was passed December 1, addresses the European Union’s “response to HIV/AIDS in the EU and in neighboring countries,” and lists a number of measures to combat the deadly disease.

According to the document, the European Parliament “calls on the Commission and Council to ensure access to high-quality, comprehensive sexual and reproductive health services, information and supplies,” which should include “equitable and affordable access to contraceptives, including access to emergency contraception; safe and legal abortion, including post-abortion care.”


The document does not mention abstinence or abstinence education, which medical experts say is the most effective way to prevent HIV transmission.

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The document admits that homosexual sexual behavior is the primary cause of HIV transmission, but laments “the social exclusion, stigma and discrimination resulting from HIV status, as well as the silence and denial surrounding the infection and the failure to respect the basic human rights of people living with HIV in general, and those belonging to vulnerable groups (men who have sex with men, people who inject drugs)…”

The European Parliament also recommends “sex education” and “access to means of protection, such as male and female condoms, and a strengthening of the rights and autonomy of women in sexual relationships,” as means of fighting HIV.

As LifeSiteNews has reported previously, the United Nations admits that condoms have a ten percent failure rate, while some medical experts acknowledge that increased condom use is associated with higher rather than lower rates of AIDS.