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OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) –– During a speech in Ottawa on Thursday, Member of European Parliament Christine Anderson announced that she would not be backing down despite attempts to cancel her events.

Partnering with Trinity Productions, Anderson has been touring North America speaking at pro-family and anti-globalist events. Her tour began in Vancouver, British Columbia, and made its way east until the Ottawa Conference and Event Centre canceled her November 29 event. Anderson and Trinity Productions were able to find a new venue and continue the tour the same night at the Preston Event Centre.

At the event, Anderson gave a passionate speech explaining her intention to continue on with the tour despite cancelation efforts.

“I wasn’t the one picking this fight. I didn’t want this fight. They picked the fight. Well they got it, the fight is on,” Anderson told the crowd. “We could have had ten venues tonight and I’ll make a promise right now, every time you try to cancel me… should you succeed and you get to cancel one venue, we will come up with ten venues and will have ten events.”

While Anderson is from Germany and serves as a member of European Parliament, she has given several speeches in Canada commenting on many Canadian issues.

“I reserve my right to intervene and to step in wherever I see the principals of democracy infringed upon, violated, and I will step in wherever I see fundamental rights of the people being taken away,” Anderson said. “I will step in and I will make it my business.”

Anderson offered an explanation for her interest in politics outside of her own legislative body. She remarked how it was the efforts of outside forces and other countries that saved Germany from the totalitarianism of Adolf Hitler.

“I will be eternally grateful to you, the Canadians, and to other nations around the world. That you did not mind your own business, but that you made it your business to free my people from this despicable monster.”

During her speech, Anderson gave special recognition to the owner of the Preston Event Centre for hosting them last minute and not giving in to numerous calls to cancel the event.

“He got like 200 phone calls trying to convince him of the fact that he should not host us. There was even a city councilor calling him, advising him he should not go there, he should not do this,” Anderson revealed.

Co-Director of Trinity Productions Bethan Nodwell told LifeSiteNews that the initial cancelation came with both detriments and benefits for the event. The hall venue “cost significantly more, and did not include food.” However, the attention generated by the media aided ticket sales.

“We tripled, maybe even quadrupled our seat count,” said Nodwell.

Nodwell also said that Trinity Productions has been approached by several lawyers offering to seek damages for their initial event being canceled. An offer that Nodwell said is being seriously considered.

“They have to start experiencing consequences for their radical behaviors,” said Nodwell. “There was nothing said in our events that would be categorized as extreme.”

The group says Anderson will return to North America in the new year, and shared a desire for her to come back to Canada in particular.

“We have a plan to return to the United States in February for CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference),” Nodwell said. Regarding Canada, she added, “We haven’t done the east coast yet or Saskatchewan, [and] Alberta and Ontario want her back too.”

Following the Ottawa event, the group moved on to New York for their penultimate stop of the tour. Anderson has been accompanied by several other conservative voices including but not limited to Eva Vlaardingerbroek, Henry Hildebrandt, and Josh Alexander.

Anderson is known for her passionate opposition to the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset agenda and COVID-19 lockdowns, as well as her support of Canada’s Freedom Convoy protest.