BRUSSELS, December 19, 2003 ( – The European Union Council presidency has confirmed that “abortion does not come under the definition of reproductive health.” The answer came in response to an inquiry made during the European Parliament’s question period on Tuesday, 16 December 2003. MEPs Dana Scallon (Ireland), Bernd Posselt (Germany) and Lennart Sacredéus (Sweden) asked the EU Council for a definition of the term “reproductive health”.  The ruling has significance since the Sandbaek report, adopted by the European Parliament in January, calls for the funding of reproductive health in the third world, and even pro-life countries such as Ireland would be forced to contribute to abortion under the reports recommendations.  However, the ruling did not address abortifacient drugs such as the morning after pill.  According the World Health Organization, “reproductive health” includes access to “methods of fertility regulation,” which in turn is defined as including “interrupting unwanted pregnancies,” that is abortion on demand.  Moreover, in 2001 a Canadian delegate to the United Nations admitted openly for the first time that on the floor of the General Assembly that reproductive health services includes abortion.  After being asked by the US to explain what “services” meant, a Canadian representative stated “the distinguished delegate of the United States knows that of course – and I hate to use the word – but in ‘services’ is included abortion”.  (with files from European pro-life group Euro-fam)  See related LifeSite coverage:  Canada Shocks U.N. Delegates – Defines reproductive health “services” as including abortion   “EUROPEAN COUNTRIES FORCED TO FUND ABORTION THROUGH EU CONTRIBUTIONS”

See the EU Parliamentary record of the question: