BRUSSELS, February 1, 2005 ( – The European Union, which recently demonstrated its anti-Catholic bias in rejecting Italian MP Rocco Buttiglione as an EU minister due to his Catholic beliefs, has rejected funding for the upcoming 2005 World Youth Day. Euro-fam, a pro-family organization which monitors the EU, reports that an amendment to the 2005 EU budget that was to grant 1, 500, 000 € to the massive gathering of youth from all over the world in Cologne Germany was turned down in December during an EU plenary session. 

The measure required and failed to achieve two thirds of the vote. Euro-fam notes that the rejection of the subsidy is due, in part, to a fierce concerted campaign organized by Lay Action Center, Catholics for Free Choice and other anti-Catholic lobby groups. There was a petition on the Internet circulating online asking European parliamentarians to reject financial aid to WYD.

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