MELBOURNE, Mar 17 (  The Federation of Australian Commercial Television Stations yesterday approved a propaganda ad promoting euthanasia despite the fact that euthanasia is illegal in the country. Paid for by pro-euthanasia forces, the ad is concocted to emotionally sway voters and is being aired in and around the time of the March 27 election.

According to yesterday’s National Post, the commercial features the latest euthanasia poster child being (ab)used by the euthanasia society to further their cause. June Burns,  a 59-year-old mother of four who has bladder cancer says in the ad “If I was a dog, by now the RSPCA [Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals] would be on to my husband for cruelty and would have me put down straight away.”

Pro-lifers lament the mentality that allows people to see themselves as nothing more than another animal and condemn the way pro-euthanasia forces take advantage of this belief to advance their agenda. Pro-lifers are proud to be able to call all people to a superior view of human life, one filled with respect and dignity.