ADELAIDE, November 30, 2004 ( – Australian euthanasia campaigner, Philip Nitschke, has invented another scheme to help suicidal people kill themselves: he plans to teach a class of “students” how to manufacture their own suicide pills. He is recruiting participants for his workshop, planned for April.  Nitschke claims to have 12 people already interested, and hopes for 30. Each participant will come away with a lethal 10g dose of a barbiturate-based poison. Interested individuals must have already completed one of Nitschke’s earlier workshops, which discussed legal aspects of assisted suicide. Nitschke plans to host more classes later in 2005.  “Many people leave these introductory workshops wanting more,” Nitschke claimed, as reported by the Herald Sun. “They want access to the best drugs and the only option available is for them to make the drugs themselves. That is why the manufacturing workshop program was developed.”  Read related coverage:  Australian Euthanasia Workshops For Healthy People   tv