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January 29, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) – The conservative investigative outlet Project Veritas has released yet another video identifying a third and fourth organizer with Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign as proponents of far-left movements who openly pine for “militancy” against their political enemies.

Mason Baird and Daniel Taylor are field organizers for the socialist candidate’s South Carolina campaign, who spoke openly with an undercover journalist about attracting “truly radical people,” including anarchists and Marxists, who are “obviously” not “outward facing” in the Sanders camp.

“I think the goal is just to … build a coalition,” Baird says. “Their politics fall outside of the American norm, so their politics are Marxist/Leninist, they’re Anarchists, so these types of folks they have more of a mind for ‘direct action’ for engaging in politics outside of the electoral system.”

Baird expresses a desire to “nationalize” Facebook, Google, and YouTube as a boon to “education stuff,” to “abolish landlords,” and to see a “federal government and labor union movement that is working together to strip power away from capitalists and preferably directing violence toward property.” 

This “militant labor movement” would be willing to “just destroy property and things like that,” but even that might have to give way to unspecified “other means” if insufficient to achieve his goals. “We don’t have to kill (landlords),” he added, “that’s my feeling; I think it’s damaging to the soul, but um, there were plenty of excesses in 1917 (the Russian Revolution) I would hope to avoid.”

Like the last two Sanders campaign staffers covered by Project Veritas, Martin Weissgerber and Kyle Jurek, Baird claims the ills of the Soviet gulags (labor prison camps) are “exaggerated” in the United States, as are the “persecution of the kulaks” – millions of whom were directly and indirectly killed, robbed, and/or driven from their homes under Joseph Stalin. 

Taylor, the other South Carolina Sanders organizer, suggests the Sanders campaign was keeping the “more extreme organizations” such as the violent Antifa movement “on the back burner for now” because they “don’t want to scare people off,” but he also suggests the campaign is “mak(ing) plans for extreme action” regardless of whether Sanders wins or loses.

Though not elaborating on what form “extreme action” might take, Taylor boasts that Sanders himself “has a history of protest” and “has been out there standing on the picket lines and doing that uncomfortable stuff,” so “I absolutely think he’d definitely endorse that kind of action because sometimes that’s what you have to do to get it done.”

Project Veritas’ previous videos reveal Sanders staffers Weissgerber and Jurek openly fantasizing about government control of the private sector, punishing their perceived political enemies, downplaying the human rights abuses of the old Soviet Union, and even expressing openness to political violence. So far, the Sanders campaign has dismissed such revelations as “political gossip.”