TORONTO, June 26, 2003 ( – With an election call looming, the PC government of Ernie Eves has restored the full value of the Equity in Education Tax Credit, enabling more middle income parents to afford the kind of schooling their children deserve.

The credit, crafted by then-finance minister Jim Flaherty two years ago, will rise to 20% of tuition per child in 2003 and to 50% by 2006, for a maximum of $3,500 per pupil. It stands to benefit most the middle income families of 100,000 pupils in Ontario’s 733 private schools.  Liberal Leader Dalton McGuinty again vowed that if elected, he will repeal the tax credit and add the estimated $500 million to the already $15.3 billion tax funding given to the public school system as called for by teachers’ unions. McGuinty has not addressed the issue of why so many parents are willing to endure considerable financial and other sacrifices in order to escape the public system.  For Toronto Star coverage: