BEIJING, December 9, 2003 ( – Police today detained a man in connection with a string of murders in China’s capital, Beijing. Zhou Wen, 38, admitted to police that he had strangled or choked six young women to death since July.

In his confession, Zhou said “I began to hate women when my ex-wife aborted without my permission and I killed a woman who wanted to take revenge on her husband by having an affair with me.”

Although no one would justify retaliation by an act of murder as a legitimate response to the murder of one’s child, abortion’s dangerous effect on fathers is largely ignored. “Clinical experience shows that men become hostile when they have been excluded from decision making and when they discover that they have been deceived and manipulated,” writes Vincent Rue, Ph.D, in his article, Forgotten Fathers: Men and Abortion.  Read prior LifeSiteNews coverage of a similar issue at:

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