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July 14, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – Dr. Leana Wen, former CEO Planned Parenthood, has said that President Joe Biden should have required all attendees at a recent White House event to have received a COVID-19 vaccine because, according to Wen, “vaccination isn’t just an individual decision, but one that affects the health of others.” Planned Parenthood is the biggest abortion provider in the United States.

Wen made the comment in an op-ed titled “It’s time for Biden to make the case for vaccine requirements,” published in the Washington Post July 6. 

The former Planned Parenthood CEO, who was axed from the leadership position less than a year into the job, wrote that Biden “missed an important opportunity” to showcase vaccine requirements at his Fourth of July event, hosted at the White House and at which “more than 1,000 attendees” were not mandated to have had the jab.

After issuing a nod of approval towards Biden’s comment at the event in which he said vaccinating against COVID is “the most patriotic thing you can do,” Wen complained that, in her opinion, Biden’s COVID-19 coordinator, Jeff Zients, has a “live and let live” attitude towards vaccination. Wen said that this gives rise to “an obvious problem … which is the danger to those who do not have immune protection and not by choice.”

As an example, Wen pointed to those yet ineligible to receive the vaccine (under 12’s) and people who are “immunocompromised” – both categories of which she said are “at risk around unvaccinated people.”

Wen previously argued for the vaccination of children against COVID-19, the rollout of which she called an “urgent priority” based on the spurious claim that “COVID-19 is now one of the leading causes of death among children.” Wen made the comments without a hint of irony and without any reference to the fact that she is the former leader of America’s leading child killing organization.

In fact, the most recent American Academy of Pediatrics report on COVID-19 cases in children, from July 8, shows that in 43 states “Children were 0.00%–0.25% of all COVID-19 deaths, and 8 states reported zero child deaths.” Additionally, within those states that submitted reports, “0.00%–0.03% of all child COVID-19 cases resulted in death.” These numbers represent cumulative counts from the onset of state reporting on COVID-19.

Wen proceeded to make a string of claims around the COVID jabs that run against one another, writing on the one hand that even if one has received the jabs if one is “constantly surrounded by unvaccinated people, the risk of getting infected increases.” But in the following paragraph she then claimed that the risk of ill health associated with infection after getting a COVID shot reduces dramatically, adding that “99 percent of people dying from COVID-19 are unvaccinated. That’s testament to the extraordinary power of the vaccines.”

Not only is there mounting evidence that receiving a COVID jab does not grant near-guaranteed protection against infection with the virus, but multiple COVID-related deaths have occurred among the “fully vaccinated.” A total of 10,262 “breakthrough” infections were recorded in 46 U.S. states before April 30. Deaths from COVID in those who have been fully vaccinated against the disease increased from 160 as of April 30 to 535 as of June 1, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

After May 1, the CDC decided that it would no longer record COVID breakthrough cases in vaccinated individuals, unless those individuals “are hospitalized or die” following infection.

After staking the claim that COVID jabs are highly effective at preventing serious injury from the virus, Wen suddenly pivoted on the efficacy of COVID vaccines, stating that “[e]ven the best vaccine doesn’t work 100 percent of the time.” Presenting an analogy between the jabs and a raincoat, Wen said “If it’s drizzling, it will probably protect you. But if you go from thunderstorm to thunderstorm, at some point you will get wet.”

This led Wen to argue that vaccinated people ought to keep company with fellow vaccinated people and avoid the unvaccinated as an “additional protective measure that could help” vaccinated people stay safe from the virus. To this end, Wen lauded the efforts of colleges and universities which have implemented stringent vaccine mandates for returning students in the autumn.

“More workplaces should be instituting these mandates to protect employees and their families,” Wen insisted, before demanding that the Biden administration “assist with these efforts.” Despite Biden’s continued initiatives to increase vaccine uptake, such as offering free beer incentives and deploying door-to-door vaccine distributors, Wen asserted that the administration is falling behind on its rollout of the jabs. “That’s not nearly enough,” Wen said of the incentives, suggesting that Biden must now “get behind proof of vaccination.”

“A gathering touting the United States’ progress toward independence from the virus should have been the ideal opportunity to make the case for vaccine requirements. It matters for everyone, including the vaccinated,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, in Europe, a number of leaders are beginning to implement mandatory COVID “vaccination” for various sections of the population. French Prime Minister Emmanuel Macron announced Monday that all health workers and those who work with “fragile” people will be required to take the experimental jab in order to keep their job, reportedly affecting people in “70 professions.”

From September 15, those who have not received the shot will “no longer be allowed to work and will receive no pay,” according to the country’s health minister Olivier Véran. Macron confirmed that “controls will be carried out and sanctions applied” from September 15 in order to halt “even more dangerous variants” of the virus from developing.

In like manner, on Tuesday evening the U.K. Parliament voted by 319 votes to 246 in favor of mandating the experimental jabs for healthcare workers, with an exception built in on medical grounds alone.

Conservative MP William Wragg lamented that the “government is treating this House with utter contempt” after the vote favored requiring “vaccination.” “Ninety minutes on a statutory instrument to fundamentally change the balance of human rights in this country is nothing short of a disgrace,” the legislator added.

Wragg presented the case of a healthcare worker who expressed her fear that the new law will result in her losing her job. “Is that what we’re prepared to do to our fellow citizens as a Conservative government?” Wragg asked. “It’s absolute lunacy. You’d expect this in a communist country.”

Jacob Rees-Mogg and Sir Edward Leigh, both of whom are Conservative MPs and notable Catholics in British public life, backed the draconian legislation.