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 40 Days for Life

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) — An unidentified man has vandalized and stolen signs from the 40 Days for Life vigil in Toronto, the group told LifeSiteNews.  

In an interview with LifeSiteNews, 40 Days for Life’s local Toronto leader Maria Abondano said that a man stole signs from the group’s vigil in downtown Toronto on March 22, just weeks after he damaged their signs during an earlier vigil.  

“The same person who caused the first incident went to the vigil today and stole the majority of the 40 Days for Life signs,” Abondano told LifeSiteNews. “There were 16 signs, and now there are only 2 left.”  

According to Abondano, the thief stole the signs, leaving with them on public transit. Another volunteer at the vigil attempted to stop him but arrived just as the thief was boarding the bus. While security footage captured the theft, the man hid his face from the camera.  

Abondano explained that she has the man’s phone number as she had contacted him a couple weeks ago after he damaged signs at an earlier vigil on March 11.  

During the previous incident, the man stapled some of the 40 Days for Life signs to nearby poles. The signs are not meant to be stapled or adhered to anything and as a result, Abondano called him to ban him from the ministry, explaining that his actions “are outside the boundaries of our silent, prayerful and respectful campaign.” 

“I personally contacted the person who stole the signs,” she said. “On this occasion, he claimed I had the wrong number. It is clear to me from his behaviour that there is something wrong with this person.” 

Following the theft, the ministry contacted the police but were told that the police would “only get involved in robberies valued at $5,000 or higher.” 

As a result, the police suggested filling out an online report, which 40 Days for Life did, in addition to informing their legal department regarding the incident.   

40 Days for Life is a pro-life ministery which organizers pro-lifers to pray outside abortion clinics for 40 consecutive days. Pro-lifers who are unable to attend the vigils are encouraged to pray and fast for the unborn babies killed in abortion.   

“It is unfortunate that this happened right before the end of the vigil, which finishes this Palm Sunday,” Abondano lamented.  

“We are also concerned with what the thief might do with the signs, as they represent the 40 Days for Life campaign, and have no way of knowing if he is working alone or with a group,” she added.  

“But most of all, it is sad that someone who repeatedly tried to sabotage a peaceful campaign that is aimed at saving unborn babies and helping mothers in crisis pregnancies,” Abondano continued.   

However, she revealed that she considers the indecent as evidence that the pro-life ministry is fruitful, adding that “the most recent fruit was the connecting of pro-lifers from various parts of Ontario at the St. Joseph’s Center of Hope for Women on the feast of St. Joseph.” 

“A Mass was celebrated at the center to commemorate the feast, as well as the one-year anniversary of its opening,” she revealed. “Many of the attendees met at the vigil and are now collaborating with Frank D’Angelo to help save the unborn babies from being aborted next door.” 

“It is not surprising that the devil would try to sabotage the amazing, fruitful, and life-saving work that our volunteers have been doing daily for the past 38 days,” she declared. “And it is proof that our efforts are making a difference!”