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Help Toronto mom fired by AutoTrader after defending children: LifeFunder

TORONTO, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — A Toronto mother was fired from a car dealership after she addressed a Catholic school board to defend children from LGBT ideology. 

According to an exclusive LifeSiteNews interview, Sheree Di Vittorio was dismissed from her job at Auto Trader in Etobicoke, Ontario, after she argued against posting “pride stickers” in schools at a February York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB) meeting.

“There is absolutely no need to have such an aggressive campaign all around schools exposing younger children like my nine-year-old to sexual ideologies and indoctrination that she is far too young to understand,” Sheree, a Coptic Orthodox Christian, had told the school board. 

“To engage in homosexuality is to engage in an immoral practice that is contrary to the doctrines of our faith,” she added. “This is a Catholic elementary school, not a public school. It is most certainly not appropriate to engage kids to be open to these ideologies. There are biblical reasons why homosexuality is considered a sin.” 

Following the meeting, the Canadian Broadcasting Cooperation (CBC) published an article that smeared Sheree as homophobic and aggressive.

The article alleged that police were “called in to deal with angry parents” because of shouts from parents calling on school trustees to resign.  

Sheree told LifeSiteNews that she was terminated from her job at Auto Trader in Etobicoke the following morning, despite “the fact that my manager had met with me on two separate occasions and told me that I was thriving within the position.” 

“I was shocked,” she recalled. “I was baffled. I felt I felt pushed into a corner. I wasn’t even given a chance to explain my side of things and just show them where the story went wrong. I wasn’t given a voice whatsoever.” 

LifeSite videographer and journalist Myles Vosylius contacted Auto Trader Chief People & Culture Officer Beth Worthington who signed Sheree’s dismissal letter. However, Worthington refused to answer questions as to the reason for the firing, maintaining that the information was confidential.  

She directed Vosylius to Ian MacDonald, Chief Marketing Officer; however, he likewise refused to answer LifeSite’s questions. 

“They left me in a really tough position,” Sheree admitted. “I’m struggling financially because of this. I didn’t qualify for employment insurance.” 

“I can’t afford to hire a lawyer to represent me in any of these cases that were I’ve basically been mistreated and unjustly treated just for expressing my religious views,” she added. 

LifeSiteNews has launched a LifeFunder to financially support Sheree and her daughter in their battle for justice, as well as a LifePetition to boycott AutoTrader until it apologizes for discriminating against its Christian employee.

Help Toronto mom fired by AutoTrader after defending children: LifeFunder