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PEMBROKE, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) – Ahead of a Renfrew District Catholic School Board hearing to determine whether he will be allowed to return to school, student activist Josh Alexander has been blocked from publishing documents related to his case. 

On November 14, the school board granted the St. Joseph Catholic High School administration its requested publication ban on all documents submitted against Alexander over his suspension for saying there are two genders. 

Alexander’s hearing begins today and is closed to the public. Attendees’ cell phones will be confiscated at the beginning of the meeting.  

“The reason for the Policy is to protect the privacy of students and student information,” the notification, which was shared with LifeSiteNews, read. “There are specific protections and prohibitions contained in both the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy.” 

Until now, Alexander has been publishing all the documents against him on the website Save Canada as Canadians follow his case to see if a minor will be punished for defending biological reality and the teachings of the Bible in school.   

Alexander’s lawyer, James Kitchen of Liberty Coalition Canada, told LifeSiteNews, “Publication bans are presumptively unlawful, so someone seeking one has to convince the decision maker that that it’s actually a good idea.” 

He explained that bans are usually granted if the case involves sensitive information, including names of minors. 

“The problem is that they’re saying we want everything covered in secrecy, even the stuff that has nothing to do with the privacy of a student,” he revealed.  

The court rejected Kitchen’s argument that the ban should only apply to sensitive information and not to any information submitted by the school administration. 

Kitchen further pointed out the secrecy of Alexander’s hearing, which begins today and continues November 17. 

“It’s definitely a kangaroo court,” Alexander told LifeSiteNews. “They’re going to be hand-picked trustees. They’re going to choose three of the six, and we’re not allowed to know how that choosing process goes.” 

However, despite the odds seeming against him, Alexander remained confident in his position, saying, “I’m not too worried about it either way. It’s a fight that I think is important to take up, and I will continue fighting.” 

“But I recognize that it’s all in God’s hands,” he continued. “And I just want His will to be done. I will pray for the win and otherwise, perhaps I will be an example for other students.” 

Last year, then-16-year-old Alexander became famous for refusing to cave to LGBT ideology in his school and for speaking out against male students entering female bathrooms. 

However, Alexander refused to back down from his beliefs and was indefinitely suspended from St. Joseph’s Catholic School, rendering him unable to graduate.   

Despite being arrested for protesting multiple times, Alexander continues the fight, traveling across Canada holding protests against the LGBT agenda. He has now become a familiar face in the pro-family movement, with many recognizing him by his red “Save Canada” hat.  

Alexander is currently seeking donations to cover his legal bills as he continues the battle for freedom of speech in Canada. LifeSiteNews has launched a LifeFunder to support Alexander in his work. To donate to help Alexander “save Canada,” click here