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Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.

TORONTO (LifeSiteNews) – Canadian psychologist and author Jordan Peterson warned that radical LGBT activists are working to “destroy” Catholicism. 

In remarks made exclusively to LifeSiteNews, Peterson condemned the “Catholic” school system in Canada for embracing the LGBT agenda and blasted Catholics who succumb to the demands of the LGBT mob. 

“The radical LGBTETC agenda couldn’t be more antithetical to Catholic doctrine if it had been specifically designed for that purpose,” Peterson told LifeSiteNews.   

While Peterson is not a Catholic himself, he acknowledged the value of Catholicism and Tradition, calling on Catholics to fight to preserve their Faith. He is also well known for his love for and interest in Scripture.  

“The radicals within the alphabet movement are trying to do to Catholicism more narrowly and Christianity more broadly what they do to all traditions: destroy them,” he declared.  

“They use guilt, manipulation and the very real threat of the mob to do so, along with constant claims of victimization and oppression,” Peterson added.  

“Catholics too asleep or naive to notice or gulled into cooperating because of appeals to compassion are the ‘useful idiots’ participating in their own demise,” he warned.  

Peterson’s comments come in response to the Ontario English Catholic Teachers’ Association’s statement last week condemning Premier Doug Ford for defending students against LGBT indoctrination. 

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“Premier Ford’s recent comments – which accused school boards and teachers of ‘indoctrinating’ students, by protecting students’ right to use gender pronouns of their choice – are shameful, disrespectful, and potentially harmful,” the statement read. 

“Gender pronoun use is deeply personal in nature and is central to a person’s identity,” the statement continued.   

The so-called Catholic association’s statements are in direct contradiction to Catholic doctrine. The Catechism of the Catholic Church clearly states that God created humans “male and female,” quoting Scripture.

“Physical, moral, and spiritual difference and complementarity are oriented toward the goods of marriage and the flourishing of family life. The harmony of the couple and of society depends in part on the way in which the complementarity, needs, and mutual support between the sexes are lived out,” the Catechism continues.   

The Catechism further declares that “homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered” and “under no circumstances can they be approved.” 

Send an urgent message to Canadian legislators and courts telling them to uphold parental rights.