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(LifeSiteNews) — Jordan Peterson has revealed that he fully supports his wife’s conversion to Catholicism. 

During an exclusive interview with LifeSiteNews, the prominent Canadian anti-woke psychologist shared his view on his wife, Tammy, preparing to enter the Catholic Church this Easter. 

“Tammy had been developing a deeper relationship with her Christian heritage for some time and this was a logical, appropriate and inspired next step, and one I fully supported,” he told LifeSiteNews.  

Tammy announced her conversion to Catholicism publicly late last week. Tammy’s discovery of the beauty and truth of Catholicism came during her battle with cancer and debilitating illness.  

In 2015, Tammy’s health began to drastically decline. Around this time, she underwent biopsies after a scan found a shadow on her left kidney. Following the tests, Tammy was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma and had surgery to remove half of her kidney.

Tammy revealed that her close friend, Queenie Yu, immediately came to support her when she became sick. Yu, an adult Catholic convert, is a numerary member of Opus Dei, a personal prelature of Catholic laity and clergy that focuses on performing daily, routine tasks out of love of God.   

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Yu and Tammy’s friendship only deepened during her five-week hospitalization at Toronto General Hospital. The two friends spent much of the day discussing faith and family and praying the Rosary together every morning.  

Tammy revealed that prayer “would alleviate some of the pain” that she suffered during this time.   

“I’d wake up at night and I’d pray the Lord’s Prayer until I went back to sleep. I didn’t allow myself to worry,” she said. “I pretty much prayed all night unless I was sleeping.”  

Following her lengthy stay at the Toronto hospital, Tammy travelled to Philadelphia for further tests. Before leaving, Tammy received a blessing from her friend Fr. Eric Nicolai. Nicolai also shared a novena to St. Josemaría Escrivá, the founder of Opus Dei, which Tammy says she faithfully prayed.   

However, when the day came for Tammy’s surgery, doctors discovered that the medical issue had resolved itself on its own and cancelled the surgery.    

Tammy said that her miraculous recovery, which took place on the fifth day of her novena, is a result of God’s intervention, in addition to a radical change in her diet that involved cutting out everything but meat and water.  

According to Jordan Peterson, Tammy’s decision came after years of searching for the truth, something that he revealed is central to their marriage.  

Peterson explained that he decided to make the pursuit for truth a priority in his life and marriage because of “the knowledge that no one gets away with anything.” 

Before their marriage, Peterson asked his wife if she would be dedicated to telling the truth. He described her conversion as an “extension” of the commitment that they made upon getting married.   

Peterson also stated his belief that a married couple can find two different truths and remain unified “by listening, negotiating, sparring and playing, by discussing a joint vision, by caring for each other with love, by having children and grandchildren.”

While his wife has announced her entrance into the Catholic Church, Peterson has yet to publicly affiliate himself with one specific religion, but remains dedicated to searching for the truth.