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(LifeSiteNews) – Conservative Party of Canada leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis has warned LifeSiteNews of the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) influence in Canada in an exclusive interview.

Speaking to LifeSiteNews correspondent Kennedy Hall, Lewis – the only pro-life candidate on the ballot for CPC leadership – holds nothing back when discussing her views on the World Economic Forum’s influence in Canadian politics, voicing her serious concern that unelected global actors are increasingly meddling in the nation’s political affairs.  

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“I’m very concerned about the Known Traveler Digital I.D. program that [Trudeau’s] engaged in with the World Economic Forum,” Lewis told Hall in the 25-minute interview.

“Canadians didn’t know that we entered into this program – the known traveler digital I.D. program – and it’s very concerning because the World Economic Forum, the chairman of that organization, has said that he’s penetrated the Canadian cabinet. And so, I would want full transparency in any association with that organization,” added the MP.  

As reported by LifeSiteNews, the KTDI is a WEF initiative that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau clandestinely signed Canada up for in 2019.

The controversial program seeks to employ a “decentralized digital identity which uses cryptography, distributed ledger technology, and emerging international standards to enable an individual to self-manage trusted and verified identity attributes, with the hopes of enabling travelers to maintain and share trusted, verifiable, globally interoperable digital identity attributes issued by one or more public- or private-sector entities.

In addition to the WEF, Lewis and Hall also touch upon the issue of COVID mandates, and what in particular led Lewis to become one of the first sitting MPs to speak out in defense of each Canadian’s freedom.

“[T]here’s so much brokenness that arose out of COVID and people were in desperate need of a place of solace that they could go to … And this wasn’t available through the church, but we had alcohol stores open. We had marijuana stores open. And so we recognized the need for people to have an outlet in certain respects, but not the church,” Lewis told Hall. 

“We were able to do grocery shopping and have certain numbers in Costco, but yet we weren’t able to have churches open with minimal numbers at all. And I think that we saw a lot of brokenness during COVID. And freedom of religion is something that I take very, very seriously,” stressed the lawmaker. 

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When asked by Hall how the country descended so quickly into viewing the unvaccinated as “lesser” and willingly adopting policies violating human rights, Lewis answered by saying this phenomenon of divisiveness is the result of having a society that has “normalized not discussing complex issues,” which traces back to the education system. 

We’ve normalized name calling and demonization of people who have a different worldview and opinion of you. And it starts out in our education system and it’s infested even the lower levels of our education system,” explained Lewis.  

“I knew that I had to write papers in a certain way in order to get an ‘A,’ and that norm is set within the universities. And so we’re graduating people who are very fragile, who aren’t able to engage in discourse that goes against their worldview without feeling traumatized and damaged by information that is different than theirs.”

Lewis continued by telling Hall that this trend has now bled into the political landscape leading to an environment “where politicians are afraid to even examine legislation” because the “wokeism has kind of seeped its way into every aspect of life to the point where now we have been dumbed down because we’re not having conversations anymore.” 

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Other topics Lewis and Hall covered in the must-watch interview are the public’s opinion of pro-lifers and the growing demand by conservatives to defund the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

As reported by LifeSiteNews, while Pierre Poilievre is often considered the frontrunner for the leadership race, Lewis is regarded as the number one choice for pro-lifers, social conservatives, and those with deeply-held religious beliefs.  

In fact, Lewis is the only candidate to have been given a “green light” for electability by Campaign Life Coalition, boasting a perfect voting record on life issues in her time in parliament.  

Lewis has also been public with her opposition to the expansion of World Health Organization’s (WHO) influence, Trudeau’s internet regulation bill, and the lack of protection of parental rights in education.