MONTERREY, October 18, 2013 ( – Monterrey’s Archbishop Rogelio Cabrera is defending a local school that is under fire for refusing to admit a child who is being cared for by his biological father and his homosexual partner.

In an exclusive interview with, Cabrera stated that schools have a right to protect students from such influences. If a school, “be it or not Catholic, has this as part of its ideology, it is correct for them to proceed in such manner,” he said. 

With regard to children adopted by homosexual couples, the archbishop noted sadly, “the government is deciding on this, but they (homosexuals) shouldn’t be allowed to adopt in the first place.”


The school, a private academy known as the Hills Institute, reversed its decision to admit a two-year old after it learned she had two “fathers,” prompting media outrage and denunciations by homosexual groups. The school is currently under investigation by multiple state government authorities, apparently as a result of the controversy. 

In the initial brouhaha over the matter, Monterrey media sources quoted the archbishop as stating that the child had a “right to education,” which was taken to imply that the school should admit her.  Homosexual websites celebrated the archbishop’s words and tied them to Pope Francis’ famous statement, “Who am I to judge?” 

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However, the archbishop told that his words were taken out of context.

“I said the girl has a right to education,” Cabrera told LSN. “But I also said that a private school may set its own conditions to admit students.”

The girl’s caregivers Alex and Pepe, “married” one year ago in Mexico City, where gay “marriage” and adoption are legal. Pepe is not a legal guardian to the girl.

They thought that the Hills Institute, a prestigious private school in Monterrey, which also has a daycare center, was the right place for them when they found the word “diversity” in its mission statement and enrolled the girl at the beginning of September.

The two-year-old was initially admitted, but three days later the school asked Alex, the biological father, to present himself as a single parent.

Alex refused such an option and later told the media: “Pepe had to be completely absent of our daughter's school life, and basically, she (the principal) wanted me to be a single dad, which I am not.” 

The local Human Rights Committee is investigating the case after the two men filed a complaint for discrimination. 

The school’s principal is also facing fines for refusing to appear in the hearings held for the case by Consumer Protection.