WASHINGTON, Sept 15 ( – US President Clinton’s National Bioethics Advisory Commission released a report Monday urging that the federal law prohibiting public funding for research on human embryos be scrapped. The report suggested that human embryos created for fertility treatments but left unused could be donated to publicly-funded research.

The Commission claimed that the change in law should be allowed because of the great medical advancements hoped for in “stem cell” research. However, the Commission has no grounds for this argument since recent research has been able to harvest stem cells from adults, thus not having to destroy human embryos to get at the promising “master cells”.

LifeSite reported September 3 that new research by Dr. Cesare Peschle, a professor of microbiology and immunology at Jefferson Medical College, has found a way to isolate stem cells from adults thus avoiding the ethical pitfalls associated with the previous research.

For more on Dr. Peschle’s research see the LifeSite story:
Playing With the World’s Agenda

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