Expert witnesses will provide statistical proof of fraud, says former US attorney

‘They are going to show that the anomalies are so out of bounds that the results are not believable,’ Joe DiGenova said.
Wed Nov 25, 2020 - 10:56 am EST
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November 25, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — Former U.S. attorney Joe DiGenova said President Donald Trump’s legal team will point to statistical irregularities to prove election fraud in this year’s presidential race in court.

“We have statisticians and mathematicians going over the returns that are in and now available. What they are doing is they are going to show that the anomalies are so out of bounds that the results are not believable,” said DiGenova in an interview Thursday with Newsmax TV’s Grant Stinchfield.

“And so therefore that is evidence in and of itself. That statistical analysis, expert by expert witnesses, is admissible in court to prove that there was fraud,” he continued.

Many reports of statistical abnormalities and even impossibilities have emerged in past weeks. For example, The Red Elephants reported that recorded voter turnout in Wisconsin was statistically suspect.

“The voter turnout in Wisconsin apparently annihilated the historical record” of 66.8% by more than 20 percentage points. “Statistical analysts have noted that this 5-point deviation was not only a statistical improbability, but a virtual statistical impossibility.”

“The odds of this occurring are 0.00000189% or 1 in 52,910,052,” continued the report.

Steven Mosher recently cited the affidavit of election fraud expert Russel Ramsland, which testifies to “a stunning 3,276 precincts where the presidential votes cast compared to the estimated voters ... ranges from 84 percent to 350 percent ... [revealing] 431,954 excess ballots” in Michigan. It is, as Ramsland noted, a “physical impossibility.”

According to the Washington Post, the affidavit contains significant errors, stating for instance that in Wayne County, Michigan “‘25 of those 47 precincts/townships show 100% turnout.’ But it then lists 25 precincts from Minnesota.

“The biggest alleged over-vote in Ramsland’s affidavit is from Benville Township — the place where actual voters were allegedly 350 percent of estimated voters,” the newspaper explained. “According to the Minnesota Secretary of State’s election results, 63 people voted in the township. But its data show there were precisely that many registered voters in the township at 7 a.m. on Election Day, and then eight more registered on Election Day (Minnesota has same-day registration).”

Nick Chase has drawn attention to what he describes as “prima facie evidence of fraud being committed.” He pointed out that time-stamped Virginia vote counts taken from the New York Times reveal that vote totals actually decreased from 12:07 to 12:12 am.

“In an honest election the vote totals never go backwards. They always get larger, because votes are continually being counted and added to the totals,” Chase noted.

In the Newsmax interview, DiGenova mentioned that the “ample evidence” of fraud provided during Rudy Giuliani’s press conference included affidavits “about what people saw by way of corruption, the voting and counting process in Michigan and in other states.”

“On top of all of this, the training not to see defects and so forth, not one Republican could observe the vote process. Sorry, that’s the big deal, and that happened all over the country,” added DiGenova’s wife, Victoria Toensing, who served as deputy assistant attorney general in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Justice Department from 1984-1988 and founded the DOJ’s Terrorism Unit.

Help stop voter fraud: Project Veritas is accepting voter fraud tips here.

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