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(LifeSiteNews) — Canadian experts have found that the deadly 2021 heat wave in British Columbia that is said to have claimed more than 600 lives was not solely caused by “climate change,” despite mainstream media reports claiming as much at the time. 

“Climate change was not the sole cause of this event,” wrote Canada’s Meteorological and Oceanographic Society, according to research obtained by Blacklock’s Reporter. “While no single comprehensive and quantitative theory can be universally applied to all extreme temperature events, heat waves in summer can often be attributed to blocking highs, a high pressure system that is stationary.” 

The six-day long heat wave in British Columbia is blamed for 619 deaths and numerous forest fires.  

It saw the highest temperatures ever recorded in Canada, with Lytton, B.C. having a high of 47.7 degrees Celsius. This broke the previous record of 45 degrees in Yellowgrass, Saskatchewan, on July 5, 1937. 

While the bulletin stated that the cause of the heat was mainly the pressure system, it maintained that “increasing background temperatures due to anthropogenic climate change made this heat wave hotter and therefore more extreme.” 

“However, the record breaking temperatures of recent extreme weather events such as this heat wave are a combination of anthropogenic climate trends and internal variability that has always been able to cause large anomalies in temperature,” wrote researchers. 

“Understanding of our complex interacting climate system remains incomplete and quantitative estimates of the contribution of anthropogenic factors to this heat wave have relatively large uncertainties due to the many interacting factors that may play a role including moisture,” the bulletin continued. 

Despite these findings, in 2021 mainstream media and government officials blamed the heat wave almost entirely on “climate change.”

The government-funded Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) claimed at the time, “Early analysis by climate groups in July found the heat wave would have been ‘virtually impossible’ without climate change.” 

Additionally, Human Rights Watch attested, “Extreme heat, flooding, wildfires, and other disasters – all of which are becoming more frequent and more intense as a result of climate change – are taking a mounting toll on lives and livelihoods in Canada and around the world.” 

Similar to the 2021 heat wave, mainstream media and the Canadian government are currently blaming the wildfires on “climate change” despite numerous reports of arson.  

The calls to reduce carbon emissions or end the use of natural gases continue as the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrest and search for arsonists across the country.   

Notably, mainstream media outlets attributing the increase of wildfires to “climate change” have received funding from the Liberal government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, which is actively pushing for increased bans on using natural resources in Canada to combat “climate change.” 

About this potential conflict of interest, retired Canadian colonel David Redman recently testified that legacy media outlets are “ministries of propaganda,” with multiple former mainstream media employees also making similar comments about their past employers.