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(LifeSiteNews) – World-renowned medical and scientific experts explained to parents in an online forum why they should resist a Jesuit high school’s pressure to have their children receive the COVID-19 jab.  

As President and CEO of the Truth for Health Foundation, Dr. Lee Vliet moderated Monday’s presentation and Q&A for parents, bringing together key members of her group, including Dr. Peter McCullough, its Chief Medical Advisor; Dr. Paul Alexander, the Director of Evidence-Based Medicine and Research Methodology; Dr. Alan Moy, Biotechnology and Vaccine Advisor; Dr. Richard Blumrick, Maternal-Fetal Medicine advisor; Pediatric Advisor Dr. Michelle Cretella, Executive Director of American College of Pediatricians (ACPeds), and Dr. Sister Deirdre Byrne, its Surgery and Family Medicine Advisor.   

The discussion, which included insight into the controversy at Brophy Prep School, also included Dr. Robert Malone and Dr. Mark McDonald, who is board certified in children and adult psychiatry.  

The panel of experts gave a piercing analysis of the logic of COVID-19 shots for children, based on their risk-benefit ratio for the young age group. Their unanimous assessment was that the potential harm the COVID-19 jab could inflict on children far outweighs any benefit it might provide; the panel agreed this benefit is virtually non-existent.  

A sizable group of parents whose boys attend Arizona’s Jesuit Brophy Prep School have been protesting the school’s demand that boys either receive the experimental COVID-19 jab, or get tested twice weekly for the virus and refrain from taking overnight trips. The new policy wasn’t announced until after tuition was withdrawn from parents’ accounts for the new school year.  

Boys who don’t get jabbed are barred from participating in any overnight or out-of-city travel, including to a retreat center where many of the school’s sports teams visit, and where father-son retreats are held as well.” They are also required to stay home and quarantine for 10 days if they test positive for COVID-19, or if one of their close contacts tests positive.  

The school’s principal, layman Bob Ryan, has already told Fox 10 Phoenix that his new school policy has “pushed” some parents “over the line” to decide to have their children get the shot. 

However, 800 people, including parents, alumni, and local legislators, have signed a letter requesting that the school revise its policy to allow for appropriate exemptions, and to open participation in overnight activities to the unvaccinated, among other requests. The school has not yet responded to the letter. 

Dr. Ann Andonyan, who considers the school’s policies to be “coercive” and is seriously concerned about the health risks that the COVID-19 jabs pose to children, has been helping to represent concerned parents in efforts to safeguard their children’s health. Andonyan was put in touch with the Truth for Health Foundation, which offered to help assist parents in their decision-making with an informative presentation by health experts. 

Children more likely to die of flu, injury than COVID-19 

A few of Tuesday’s panel members established that children’s risk of death from COVID-19 is so extremely low as to be insignificant and is dwarfed by the risk of death from the flu and even accidental injuries. 

Dr. Alexander pointed out that a Swedish study found that even without school closures during 2020, among almost two million Swedish children, not a single one with COVID-19 had died. 15 or fewer of those children with COVID-19 were admitted to an ICU. He also noted that another study “found that of children who died with Covid… all but one had a very serious underlying condition.” 

By contrast, as Dr. Cretella pointed out, “Anywhere from 400 to 600 children lose their lives from seasonal influenza.” 

“Even during the Delta surge, Covid is mild in the vast majority of children. Seasonal influenza has killed far more children,” said Cretella, who said she obtained her numbers from the CDC. 

In fact, as Dr. McCullough noted, there “were far more children who died of accidental injuries or even strangling than COVID-19” in 2020. 

Both Alexander and Dr. Moy stated that children are not susceptible to sickness from COVID-19 the way adults are, in part because they have significantly lower numbers of ACE-2 receptors in their nasal passages. These receptors are engaged by the virus to initiate an infection, Moy explained. He also noted that the bronchus-associated lymphoid tissue (BALT) only seen in children is what allows them to “have strong immune responses to respiratory infection.” 

“Collectively, what these two biological attributes provide is what’s called respiratory mucosal immunity,” said Moy. 

COVID-19 shots bring risk of harm 

Not only does the Wuhan virus fail to threaten the health of children, according to the panel, but the COVID-19 shot poses serious risks to their health. 

McCullough said that myocarditis, or heart inflammation, is one relatively common and “alarming” effect of the COVID-19 jab in children. 

“We are at 5,093 cases of myocarditis as of August 20 in the US. We haven’t really ramped up vaccinating kids yet. This is the tip of the iceberg. In no way should a parent think that myocarditis is rare, because it’s not. We’re talking about thousands of children already have developed myocarditis,” said McCullough.  

Canadian professor Dr. Stephen Pelech has argued, “Contrary to what a number of people have said, there is no such thing as ‘mild myocarditis’.”  

The CDC’s own Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database alone, which captures only about one percent of total deaths and injuries, Alexander stated, has reported a significant amount of death and harm inflicted by the COVID-19 jab.

“13,000 deaths, about 600,000 reports of harm,” he said. 

McCullough noted that in a randomized study of 2,200 kids, with many receiving the Pfizer shot, not only was there “no fundamental clinical benefit,” but “[a]bout 60 to 80 percent of them got pretty sick” after the jab, with reactions including muscle aches, fever, nausea, vomiting, and joint aches. A third of them had to stay out of school. 

“It’s a toxic vaccine, and the kids got sick, and it was shown in the New England Journal of Medicine after that,” McCullough said.  

Alexander stated that we have no long-term safety data on the COVID-19 jab, and Cretella said those who receive the jab “should be followed for long term adverse events for a minimum of 15 years.” 

The lack of understanding about the shot and how it works, such as “which cells precisely are being transfected with this genetic information, how much protein is made, where that protein goes, and how long it lasts”  is due to the rushed creation of the mRNA technology, Malone explained. 

“These are truly experimental products, they remain experimental. What you see being done is the largest experiment ever performed on human beings,” he said. 

Alexander slammed the shots as violating “all ten tenets” of the Nuremberg Code, claiming that doctors pushing the jab could be prosecuted one day, due to adverse effects from the jab.

“I think a lot of lawyers are going to make a lot of money,” said Alexander.  

Dr. Vliet noted that the lipid nanoparticles that surround the mRNA technology in the shots “have been known to cause inflammatory damage to ovaries and testes since at least 2012.” Because our hormones “affect every single organ and body system,” this damage not only harms fertility, said Vliet, but “affects all aspects of our health.” 

“Why would you as parents risk the future of your children’s fertility?” Sister Byrne added. “We really feel very strongly that there’s something very evil going on right now.” 

Having fellowship research experience in the matter, Dr. Blumrick affirmed that lipids do cross the placenta, warning that we don’t know how a fetus “would deal with spike proteins” once the lipid-coated mRNA reached him or her. 

Dr. McDonald ripped the “vaccine” and mask mandates as, in part, an attempt to “distract our attention away from the fact that there is effective, safe, available outpatient treatment for all forms of the Wuhan virus,” because if the FDA ever acknowledged any of those treatments to be effective, he said, such as Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, or N-Acetyl Cysteine, it would “shut down the emergency use authorization (EUA) in its tracks.” 

The first purpose of these mandates, McDonald said, is “to train and inculcate compliance for irrational rules dictated into the minds and hearts of our children.”  

“I see this in my practice; I see it with children out in the street. Children have now grown so used to and so comfortable with following these rules and dictates, hiding their faces, becoming socially distant, and I don’t just mean in terms of space, I mean psychologically they don’t interact anymore, they don’t communicate, they just grumble and mutter, they’re like trained dogs at this point,” he said. 

McDonald later attributed a massive IQ drop in children born after January 2020 — from an average IQ of 100, to one of 78 — to a “lack of stimulus,” as well as drop in social interactions, “the ability to play, go outside,” and not being able to see full faces (because of masks), which “babies need to see to learn all sorts of things.” 

“This is a totalitarian, Soviet, Chinese Communist party style of indoctrination and control,” said McDonald. 

“You will not win this battle simply by information. Because you are not fighting an informational enemy. You need to fight it with force. What I mean is you need to organize, you need to go and make your voices heard in a powerful way at your local schools and your school boards. And you need to demand — not argue, but demand — that the masks and the vaccines stop,” he continued.  

“And if you are not successful, you need to pull your children out of school and you need to do it now. If all Americans yanked their kids from school, that would put an end to this. No more medical exemptions, no more religious exemptions that will buy you two or three weeks, but eventually they’re going to come for you. You need to pull your children out of school, and you need to do it as a group.”  

Alexander agreed that parents should consider withdrawing their children from schools that attempt to mandate the COVID-19 jabs, and suggested that parents, together with a legal expert, draft a document wherein they ask the school to accept liability for any harm that the COVID-19 shot could inflict to their child. In previous cases, he said, schools have backed off after being approached this way. 

Vliet encouraged the parents, “We need to face the Goliath of vaccine mandates, even when we feel like we are little Davids with only a slingshot.”