[warning: explicit descriptions]

CHICAGO, May 3, 2011 ( – The University of Chicago (UC) last month footed the bill for an exhibit of hundreds of extremely explicit sadomasochistic pornographic images and books to be displayed on campus grounds.

The Chicago Sun-Times last Wednesday reported that an officially recognized student sadomasochist group received $3,200 from the University to host a three-day display of the “Carter-Johnson Leather Library,” making UC the first campus to welcome the lewd display.

A member of Americans for Truth about Homosexuality (AFTAH) attended the exhibit and reported on the extreme pornographic material on display, including a lesbian porn book describing a woman’s violent “sex play” with her own 13-year-old daughter, and books about public sex and pederasty.

The Sun-Times noted the presence of a magazine “Diapers,” whose cover featured a grown man wearing a diaper, holding a stuffed animal and sucking on a bottle, as well as magazines including one entitled “Macho Sluts,” and a limited edition of “The Spankers” by Duchess of Pain.

Vi Johnson, the exhibit’s co-creator, called the experience of bringing the material to young students a “rush.”

“When it travels to kink events, essentially we’re preaching to the choir,” Johnson said. “Being able to bring this display to a college campus, put a 300-year-old book in the hands of a 20-year-old and say ‘Here’s your history’ — it’s such a rush.”

Drea, a leader of the student group Risk-Aware Consensual Kink (RACK) who asked that only her first name be used, claimed to the Sun-Times that the group had received no complaints about the display. “We had maybe one person who had some uptight body language about the material but nobody has said anything,” she said.  “We have a very supportive campus.”

AFTAH president Peter LaBarbera expressed disgust at the display, noting that elementary school children were present just down the street at the University of Chicago Laboratory School.

“There could not have been a more jarring contrast between the innocence of children and the potential corruption that awaits them a mere decade later – at the hands of academic elites brandishing a particularly toxic form of tolerance,” said LaBarbera.

“I doubt many U-Chicago parents or alums are aware that U-Chicago is using its funds to expose young men and women to high-risk, vile behaviors – all in the name of ‘diversity.’”

The UC display follows a much-reported incident in February, where a professor of Northwestern University in Illinois approved the performance of a live sex act involving a nude woman as an optional after-class presentation. The teacher, John Michael Bailey, later apologized, but also claimed that he saw “absolutely no moral harm” in the event.