By John-Henry Westen

  TORONTO, March 28, 2007 ( – In the upcoming April issue of Canada’s Catholic Insight Magazine there are some explosive allegations about openly homosexual teachers in Catholic schools in Canada.  “Homosexually active Catholics have been infiltrating Ontario’s Catholic schools for some time and, with their new legal status, now demand to be recognized,” says the article co-authored by editor Fr. Alphonse de Valk and investigative reporter Tony Gosgnach.

  One of the powerful and disturbing examples Catholic Insight presents is the case of the Toronto-area Catholic school Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts.  “At a December 2006 school staff meeting on the subject of homosexuality, at least five teachers ‘outed’ themselves as homosexuals,” reports the magazine.  “A music teacher announced she is a lesbian who ‘married’ her partner following the passage of Bill C-38 by the federal Parliament in 2005. She has told her students that her ‘lifestyle’ is normal and acceptable.”

  The director of the religion department at the same school is Michael Arbour, who, according to the magazine, wrote an article for the now-defunct dissident paper Catholic New Times which twisted the policy of the Ontario Catholic Bishops regarding students with homosexual tendencies.  Arbour co-authored the piece with Barry Blackburn, the homosexual partner of suspended Catholic priest Fr. Tim Ryan. Catholic Insight refers to both Arbour and Blackburn as “homosexual activists.”

“Under the leadership of Michael Arbour,” reports the magazine, “Cardinal Carter Academy’s religion department has created ‘co-curricular activities,’ corresponding to religion courses. The Grade 12 course entitled ‘Christianity Reloaded’ (Church and Culture) has attached to it the co-curricular GSA (Gay-Straight Alliance), described as ‘a conversation between gay and straight students.’”

  Catholic Insight concludes: “The question about all this is: is somebody (teachers, principals, school boards, parish priests, trustees, bishops, and parents) going to do anything about this?”

  Cardinal Carter Academy Principal Mr. Angelo Bolotta did not return a call for comment from

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