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A new report out from the pro-homosexual Human Rights Campaign called “The Export of Hate” purports to expose a shadowy behind-the-scenes network of religiously-motivated American bigots pushing an anti-gay agenda around the world.  But on closer inspection, the report actually reveals that the pro-family organizations, which the HRC calls “hate groups” for their opposition to homosexual activity and marital redefinition, are massively underfunded and outspent when compared to their pro-homosexual rivals.

“While LGBT people around the world face systematic stigmatization, persecution and violence, there exists a network of American extremists who are working tirelessly to undercut them at every turn,” reads the report (PDF).  “The Export of Hate profiles some of the many individuals and organizations dedicated to this shared global mission. We outline the connections and associations between them, the nations in which they’re active and some of the resources at their disposal.”

The report, which features mugshot-inspired portraits of pro-family leaders drawn in the style of photographic negatives – making them appear creepy and inhuman – details the finances and influence of nine separate pro-family activists and their organizations, attempting to portray them as a powerful cabal.  But when LifeSiteNews contrasted the financial data for the nine groups listed in the HRC report to the financial reports of some of the nation’s prominent homosexual activist groups, it became clear that the real money and influence lies with the latter.

Four of the nine pro-family groups listed in HRC’s report have annual budgets of less than $100,000.  Two of those reported annual budgets under $50,000.  A fifth group reported a $110,000 annual budget, but had $0 in assets, and a sixth group was reported to have a $500,000 budget – although that was the budget for its entire parent organization, of which the pro-family group is one small portion. 

There were some heavy hitters, as well – pro-family legal group Alliance Defending Freedom has an annual budget of $45 million, according to the report (although their most recent IRS Form 990 puts that number at $38 million).  Meanwhile, the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) reportedly brought in $11 million in FY 2012, but as HRC’s report notes, that group is now nearly $3 million in debt from its spending to fight efforts to redefine marriage around the country.

There appears to be at least one major factual error in the HRC’s hit piece.  The group claimed the American Center for Law and Justice brings in $17 million a year, citing the organization’s 2011 Form 990.  However, that seems to be either an error or an outright fabrication – the group’s actual 2011 Form 990 reported just a little over $1 million in contributions, and less than $200,000 in assets. More recent reports have also placed the group’s annual budget in the $1 million range.

So how does that stack up against the gay lobby’s funding?  LifeSiteNews examined eight internationally influential homosexual groups’ most recent financial disclosures to find out.

We’ll begin the comparison with HRC itself, since they wrote the report: In FY 2013, HRC reported $13 million in income and $25 million in assets on their IRS Form 990. 

The Arcus Foundation, an international gay activist foundation, dispensed $35 million in grants to promote homosexuality worldwide in 2012 and reported a whopping $171 million in assets.  In 2013, Lambda Legal, a law firm dedicated to advancing the homosexual agenda in the courts, reported an annual budget of roughly $14 million and $19 million in assets. Meanwhile, GLSEN, which promotes homosexual acceptance in schools, burned through $6 million last year and reported $4.5 million in assets. PFLAG (Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays) brought in nearly $3 million and reported over $1 million in assets. 

In fact, in marked contrast to the majority of pro-family organizations HRC demonized in its report, none of the internationally influential gay groups whose financials LifeSiteNews examined reported less than $1 million in yearly income, and most reported pulling in considerably more.

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GLAAD reported $4 million in income, $5 million in spending, and $5.8 million in assets last year.  The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission had a $2.2 million budget and $1.5 million in assets.  The International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA) stated in their most recent annual report that they spent $1.2 million and had $150,000 in reserve.  And the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice – which this writer had never heard of before today, but which apparently exists solely to promote the gay agenda overseas – reported $6.3 million in income and $8 million in assets in 2013. 

The estimated yearly budgets of just these eight gay-activist groups add up to $85.7 million, and they have a combined $236 million in assets.  In contrast, the pro-family groups featured in the HRC report have a combined annual budget of $63.8 million if you take HRC’s numbers at face value, or $51 million if you use the numbers from the ADF’s and ACLJ’s IRS reports (and add in Family Watch International’s $200,000 yearly budget, which was omitted from the HRC report) – and a mere $31 million in assets. 

It is worth noting that of all the pro-family activist groups examined by HRC, only one of them exists solely to influence international policy – Family Watch International, which has a mere $26,500 in assets in addition to its meager $200,000 budget.  The rest of the groups operate primarily in the United States, with only a fraction of their resources being spent overseas.

In contrast, four out of the eight gay activist groups whose financials LifeSiteNews analyzed have a predominantly international focus, and together, their yearly budgets total $44.7 million, with $180.7 million in reserve.

So who is really “exporting” their worldview?  When you examine the numbers, it becomes clear that the biggest efforts to influence world policy come not from pro-family advocates, but the homosexual lobby.