By Kathleen Gilbert

WASHINGTON, D.C., November 24, 2008 ( – President-elect Obama has continued the trend of appointing radical left-wing and pro-abortion figures to his Cabinet with the announcement that Ellen Moran is to be his future White House Communications Director. 

Moran is currently the executive director of EMILY’s List, a major political action committee dedicated solely to promoting the political careers of pro-abortion Democratic women.

On their website, EMILY’s List describes its “three-pronged strategy to elect pro-choice Democratic women: recruiting and funding viable women candidates; helping them build and run effective campaign organizations; and mobilizing women voters to help elect progressive candidates across the nation.”

The constituency group had long been a supporter of Hillary Clinton, but threw its weight behind Obama after Clinton lost her bid for the Democratic nomination.

Moran has in the past assumed the role of directing independent expenditures for the Democratic National Committee, and has extensive experience managing campaigns for the Democratic National Committee and individual Democratic politicians. 

As Communications Director, Moran will be in charge of the White House’s presentation to media outlets, as well as speeches such as the inaugural and State of the Union addresses.

EMILY’s List has raised over $240 million for pro-abortion female Democrats since its inception in 1984.  The organization is notable for allying itself only to candidates who unquestioningly support taxpayer-funded and partial birth abortion. Senators Mary Landrieu from Louisiana and Blanche Lincoln from Arkansas are two former EMILY’s List beneficiaries who fell from the List’s good graces when they voted to ban partial-birth abortion. 

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