WASHINGTON, Dec 20 ( – In a move seen as a victory for pro-family forces, Exxon-Mobil made a corporate decision to end Mobil’s policy of granting “domestic partner” benefits to homosexual partners of employees as well as unmarried heterosexual ones. Several pro-family groups in the US had petitioned Mobil in March of 1998 asking them to reconsider their extension of benefits to benefits to homosexual and unmarried couples “on an equal footing with married employees.” 

Commenting on the decision, Family Research Council’s Chief Spokeswoman Janet Parshall said “Think of the energy Exxon-Mobil can now channel towards delivering gas instead of pumping the homosexual agenda.” The American Family Association (AFA) reported last week that the radical homosexualist activist group, Human Rights Campaign, has launched a campaign to have Exxon-Mobil reverse their decision. 

The AFA urges pro-family supporters to contact Exxon-Mobil and thank them for their removal of domestic partner benefits and honoring the marriage covenant as between a man and woman. 

Mr. L. R. Raymond, CEO Exxon-Mobil Corp. 5959 Las Colinas Boulevard Irving, TX 75039-2298 Phone: (972) 444-1107 Fax: (972) 444-1138 E-mail: (direct) [email protected]