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IRVING, Texas (LifeSiteNews) — Prominent oil and gas corporation Exxon Mobil has released new company rules banning the flying of political flags, including Black Lives Matter (BLM), transgender, and LGBTQ+ flags, outside company offices.

The move comes after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis made headlines in recent weeks for hitting back at multibillion dollar corporation Disney after it publicly protested Florida’s Parental Rights in Education Act, a bill banning teachers from indoctrinating young children into radical sexual ideology.

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Exxon’s new company policy bans all “external position flags” representing a range of movements and causes from LGBTQ and BLM banners to confederate flags.

Bloomberg reported that the rule will forbid employees from flying gay pride flags during “Pride Month” (June), sparking backlash from some employees.

Tracey Gunnlaugsson, vice president of human resources, told Bloomberg the updated guidance is “intended to clarify the use of the ExxonMobil branded company flag and not intended to diminish our commitment to diversity and support for employee resource groups.”

Forbes pointed out that Exxon’s decision to crack down on divisive political symbols “comes at a time of heightened scrutiny for companies taking stances on social issues, and LGBTQ issues in particular.”

Just this month, GOP-led Florida legislature passed legislation to strip Walt Disney World of its self-governing status after Disney’s public stance opposing legislation designed to protect children from being taught about transgenderism and gender identity in early grades.

Exxon Mobil is headquartered in Texas, where, like Florida, lawmakers are working to crack down on the LGBTQ+ agenda especially for children.

In February, Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott signed an executive order directing all state agencies to consider transgender drugs and surgeries for minors as illegal child abuse.

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Likewise, earlier this month, Texas Republican Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick said he would work to pass legislation similar to Florida’s Parental Rights measure to protect young kids against radical gender ideology.