CHICAGO, Aug 25 (LSN) – One of the most gruesome procedures used in treating blindness today is the use of eye tissue from aborted babies. At a meeting Sunday of the Foundation Fighting Blindness researchers acknowledged that there is no conclusive evidence that the “cell transplants” have improved vision.  Nevertheless, Dr. Marco Zarbin and other researchers insisted that they continue to make use of the eye tissue from murdered pre-born children.  Outside of government, the Foundation Fighting Blindness is the largest supporter of research in retinal degenerative diseases. The use of aborted babies in medical research was given a boost in the past decade when President Clinton, in a widely praised decision, lifted Reagan’s ban on the use of federal tax dollars for medical research that involved the use of tissues taken from aborted fetuses.  Since then scientists have been experimenting with this controversial attempt to stop the degenerative effect of aging on the muscles in the eyes.  Dr. Zabrin is convinced that this research will prove successful and told the Chicago Sun Times it is just a matter of time: “I hope within five years and I’m pretty sure within 10 years.”