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Profanity laden tweets thank Cardinal Dolan for pro-life prayer

Ben Johnson

CHARLOTTE, September 11, 2012, ( – Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s stirring benediction at last week’s Democratic National Convention has continued to send shockwaves through the Left, as activists launched a series of hateful web messages in retaliation.

Unlike its Republican counterpart, Cardinal Dolan’s prayer in Charlotte – which many networks chose not to cover – carried explicit references to protecting the unborn and preserving the institution of marriage.

His words sent visible signs of discontent among some present, who furled their brows or curled their lips in confusion, especially when he prayed for Republican nominees Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan by name.

Both Michelle Malkin’s website Twitchy and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze noted a heavy volume of profanity-laden tweets from the web following the prayer. 

The homosexual proprietor of the blog “Joe My God”, one of many using the F-word in response to Dolan’s prayer, wrote, “F—- Tim Dolan right in the m——-f——-g ear.”

Twitchy observed that the Twitter feed contained many vulgar messages.

Even before the Cardinal arrived, homosexual activist Will Kohler of Back2Stonewall called on all 500 LGBT delegates and associated reporters and activists in the convention hall to “stand up and turn your backs, walk out, or shout out. Let Dolan know that he and his anti-gay bigotry is unwelcomed and also let the DNC know that we will not take this slight lightly. ”

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A member of the left-wing message board Democratic Underground wrote, “They should have let the a**hole nail himself to his own cross. In my personal opinion, no member of the RCC hierarchy above a parish priest should have any role whatsoever in any Democratic campaign.”

The closest thing to a dissent was posted under the headline, “Yes in theory….but we need the votes.”