‘Face the Truth’ summer campaign with graphic abortion images kicks off

The Pro-Life Action League argues that their signs, although graphic and startling, dispel the “lies” behind the abortion industry, and are effective in turning people off abortion.
Mon Jun 27, 2011 - 2:25 pm EST

CHICAGO, Illinois, June 27, 2011 ( – On July 8, the Pro-Life Action League will kick off a huge ‘Face the Truth’ tour in the Chicago area. The group announced the tour, which employs graphic images of abortion, in a YouTube video.

“We need people to know about this, because when they see it, when they behold it with their own eyes their support for abortion really begins to corrode,” said Eric Scheidler, Executive Director of the Pro-Life Action League.

The group will hit the streets with giant pictures of unborn babies and graphic images of aborted babies throughout the Chicago area July 8-16, 2011. The group has also provided links to similar demonstrations taking place this summer in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Washington State, Wisconsin, and Michigan.

The League argues that their signs, although graphic and startling, dispel the “lies” behind the abortion industry.

“The truth hurts, but the lie hurts so much more,” says the League. “Once people have faced the truth, they are less likely to become involved in abortion.”

While opponents of graphic images often argue that they will be excessively disturbing to children, Eric Scheidler says that in his experience children deal with the signs better than many adults. “Children are naturally pro-life,” he said.

The group does, however, put up warning signs ahead of their display to indicate its graphic nature.

Pro-Life Action League is calling on pro-lifers across the country to join their tour.

“We are teaching, we are teaching what abortion is, that it’s destroying the nation, it’s destroying our spirit, it’s anti-American, anti-life,” said Joe Scheidler, founder of the League.

For more information on the tours, click here.

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