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EDINBURGH, Scotland, April 20, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) — Scotland’s only pro-life, pro-family party has accused Facebook of tampering in the upcoming Scottish elections. 

Scots and residents of Scotland go to the polls on—or send in their absentee ballots by—May 6 this year, and both Members and would-be Members of Scottish Parliament are hard at work campaigning. However, candidates of the Scottish Family Party have discovered that Facebook is treating their online posts as if they were potentially disturbing or “fake news.” 

“When a potential voter clicks to like our page, Facebook asks them if they are sure,” stated SFP Chairman Michael Willis.  


“No other Party faces such restrictions.”

The founder of the Scottish Family Party, teacher Richard Lucas, told LifeSiteNews via email that Facebook is also “artificially limiting” their page reach.

“There is no mechanism for appeal nor any indication why these restrictions are in place,” he added. 

“Foreign interference in UK elections is illegal, but the Electoral Commission has declined to take any action.”

The Scottish Family Party was founded to give social conservatives in Scotland a political voice. They are determined to help parents raise their children at home and free from government-enforced LGBT ideology.  Richard Lucas has been a vocal opponent of Scotland’s age-inappropriate, grotesquely graphic sex education for years.

In a press release, Chairman Willis pinpoints the SFP’s pro-life, pro-family advocacy as the reason for Facebook’s quasi-censorship. 

“Our defence of the unborn as well as protecting children from the tyranny of transgender ideology in schools is viewed as a violation of Community Standards,” he stated. 

“This election is being manipulated by Big Tech because we are not following the accepted narrative.”

Willis stated in the Party’s press release that they want to give married couples “fully transferable tax allowances and cash in lieu of childcare costs” if they choose not to put their children in full-time day care. The families would still get a bonus if they chose to put their children in day care only part-time.

The perennial debate over Scottish independence will be put aside to concentrate on children’s well-being. 

“We oppose the promotion of transgender ideology to young children below the age of consent and age-inappropriate sex education,” the Chairman wrote.  

“The Party seeks to repeal the Hate Crime legislation, get the country out of perpetual lockdowns and re-energise the economy before addressing any questions of independence.” 

This year the Scottish Family Party is running candidates in 7 constituencies and all 8 Scottish regions. Scotland has its own “devolved” parliament in Edinburgh, which decides on matters dealing specifically with Scotland, including health and education. 

Unfortunately, the Scottish Family Party has experienced a lot of abuse over social media during its campaign. 

“Some of our Party live streams and zoom forums have been bombed by trolls with hateful and pornographic images,” Michael Willis revealed. 

“We have reported this to Police Scotland who adopt a zero-tolerance approach to public communication crime during the Election.”  

Despite the abuse, there is hope for the Scottish Family Party. Richard Lucas told LifeSiteNews that “the campaign is going very well.”

“We are realising just how much hostility there is to the pro-life message, and how much support there is for it as well,” he said. 

Michael Willis told LifeSiteNews that he was appointed Party Chairman this year and is standing as the first SFP candidate on the Party List for the Highlands and Islands. Willis will be familiar to LifeSiteNews readers as the Catholic businessman who was punished by his professional organization for linking to LifeSiteNews articles on Twitter

“It is a privilege to be Chairman of a Party which stands up for the protection of human life, marriage and the importance of families for the future of Scotland,” he said. 

“[Scotland’s] fertility rate has crashed to 1.3 and this country has a death wish and a total lack of belief in any sort of future,” he continued. 

“We are cowering in a never-ending series of lockdowns and the economy is on life support. The churches have kowtowed to the civil authorities and failed to show any leadership during the Wuhan virus terror. We advocate an immediate end of lockdown and a speedy return to normality for the vast majority of the population.”

Scottish voters will be able to vote for the Scottish Family Party in all regions and in the constituencies of Coatbridge and Chryston; Edinburgh Pentlands; Edinburgh Southern; Mid Fife and Glenrothes; Perthshire North; Renfrewshire North and West; and Strathkelvin and Bearsden. The party is standing a total of 42 candidates.