MILWAUKEE, May 23, 2014 ( – The head of a Christian ministry that succeeded in having an anti-Christian hate page removed from Facebook last year is taking action once again after discovering the page has been reinstated.


Cary Bogue, CEO of Project Wildfire and owner of the “Catholics & Protestants United Against Christian Discrimination” Facebook page, objects to a page called “Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted,” (WARNING: obscene content) which depicts as its cover image the unborn Jesus as an abortion victim wearing a crown of thorns, while the Virgin Mary smokes a marijuana cigar with a satisfied smirk. The page’s profile image is similarly offensive, featuring a cartoon image of the Virgin looking down at her swollen belly and muttering an expletive.

The page’s description reads, “People have rights, ideas do not. No beliefs are above criticism. Organized religion is AIDS and we desperately need a cure.”

Bogue argues the page violates Facebook’s Community Standards, which state: “While we encourage you to challenge ideas, institutions, events, and practices, we do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or medical condition.”

“If this is not the exact definition of hate speech directed at a religion, I am not sure what is,” Bogue said. “We all know Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg is an avowed atheist, pro-abortion and a strong advocate for the LGBT, but that does not excuse him from continuing to allow this page to remain. It also does not excuse the apparent lack of integrity and bias this shows. I challenge him or anyone at Facebook to explain to the Christians across America how this isn’t hate speech directed against Christianity.”

Last summer, Bogue succeeded in having the offensive page temporarily taken down after a Tweetfest featuring the hashtag “#StopFBAntiChristianBias.” A concurrent petition drive urging Facebook to remove the page garnered more than 20,000 signatures.

When the women who run the page immediately put up a second page, “Virgin Mary STILL Should Have Aborted,” Bogue urged Facebook to remove that one, too.

Facebook did remove the spin-off page and notified Bogue by e-mail. But within two days, the page owners successfully appealed the ban, and the original page was back up and running – unbeknownst to Bogue.

“When I first got the e-mail I thought they had reconsidered on the original page,” said Bogue. “While it had about 2,300 fans it has a much smaller impact than Virgin Mary Should’ve Aborted (VMSA). There is no logic in Facebook removing one without the other. A quick perusal of the page makes that obvious.”

Most of what is posted on the VMSA page cannot be reprinted here due to its obscenity, but the posts mainly fall into one of three categories: anti-Christian, pro-abortion, or pro-LGBT. None of those sentiments are exactly uncommon among Facebook’s 1.3 billion users, but it is the sheer virulence of the posts that would seem to violate Facebook’s Community Standards. The page’s administrators wear their hatred for religious people on their sleeve, often calling them “religtards” or “God-botherers,” but more frequently referring to them with obscene euphemisms for genitalia and immoral sex acts.

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Explaining why she started the VMSA page in a recent post, one of the page’s administrators wrote, “Nothing tickled me more than the squirming image of a right-wing conservative receiving the notification ‘Virgin Mary Should've Aborted likes your post!’ I relished this [discomfort] and it made me realize that these kind of extreme religious interactions will only be available in this time period, for a few more years. This is the age of technology and science, and one day religion will be a scarcity; a laughable stain on our past.”

As Bogue renewed the effort to have the page shut down, the administrators taunted him, writing, “Sorry, dudebro, but we were unpublished before, but Facebook backed us. We came back harder than before, and look at us now.”

But Bogue, who says he has received death threats and had Facebook pages put up attacking him and his family by fans of VMSA, is undaunted.

“I expect lots of nasty personal attacks and pages to be put up,” he said. “But I am a servant of Christ. So bring it on!”

“‘Remember the word that I said to you, the servant is not greater than his Lord. If they have persecuted me, they will also persecute you,’” he added, quoting John 15:20.

Bogue is calling on Facebook users who are offended by VMSA’s content to report it to the company as hate speech. To see a diagram explaining how to do so, click here.

The renewed effort include a reportfest on Saturday, beginning at 9 a.m. Eastern time.

Bogue filed a police report, as well, on Tuesday with the Milwaukee County Sheriff, saying a car followed his wife in and out of traffic, snapping pictures of her.

“I found it concerning when one of the VMSA admins denied it and in the denial stated she lived exactly 1,414 miles from me,” he told LifeSiteNews. “She obviously knew exactly where I live.”