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Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the Activist Mommy.

January 15, 2018 (LifeSiteNews) – A Facebook group wanting to “burn…alive” a U.S. Christian pro-family activist who takes bold stances against feminism, political correctness, and the LGBT lobby “doesn't go against…Community Standards,” according to Facebook.

Conservative blogger Elizabeth Johnston, also known as “The Activist Mommy,” took umbrage when she found a Facebook group called “I will find The Activist Mommy and burn whoever runs it alive.” The Activist Mommy's common sense and bucking of political correctness have gained her large online audiences. Her social media accounts have been targeted for censorship by Facebook and Twitter

Johnston first reported the group to Facebook for “harassment” and then encouraged others to flag it.  

Facebook responded to Johnston, saying that the group didn’t “go against one of [Facebook’s] specific community standards.” The Facebook moderator suggested that Johnston send the exact content that she deemed harassment, like a photo, “instead of the entire group.”

Johnson was outraged by Facebook’s response. 

“So a page named 'I Will Find Activist Mommy And Burn Whoever Runs It Alive' does NOT go against Facebook’s community standards? Hmmm…if that is not targeted violence, nothing is! Facebook is a joke! Share this folks!” she posted. 

The legal implications of uttering a death threat may have occurred to the page holder, for he or she eventually printed a disclaimer saying “I don’t really want someone to burn her alive. I don’t want to, I don’t want followers to do so,  just don’t do it. I don’t condone it.”

Since Johnson reported the page, the name of the page has been changed to “May God make the Activist Mommy spontaneously combust.”

Last year Activist Mommy led the pro-family charge against Teen Vogue’s article “Anal Sex: What You Need to Know,” promoting rectal sex to girls. She called on parents to demand that stores pull Teen Vogue from their shelves, calling it a “piece of trash” as she tore pages from the magazine and threw them into a burning fire pit.