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January 16, 2019 ( – The daughter of famed science fiction novelist Marion Zimmer Bradley was suspended from posting rights on Facebook last week when she linked to an article on an LGBT website about a man who ceased to have homosexual attractions after living in celibacy for a year.

However, after LifeSite made an inquiry into the matter with Facebook, the post was restored and Facebook apologized.

Moira Greyland, who is herself the author of an Amazon best-selling account of the sexual abuse inflicted on her by her homosexual parents, linked to an article in Gay Star News, a well-established gay news website in Britain that reported the conversion of a homosexual man and former gay escort to heterosexuality after a year of abstinence from sexual activity (click here for article – WARNING, SEXUALLY EXPLICIT PHOTOS ON PAGE).

The story about the young man “going straight” was not only published in Gay Star News but also in the Mirror and the Daily Mail as well as numerous other sources, including LifeSite.

Greyland posted a link to the article on January 8 with the comment, “Gay escort gives up sex for a year, and is now straight. Good job!”

On the morning of January 10, Greyland received a message from Facebook stating, “This share goes against our community standards,” explaining, “We removed one of your posts because it doesn’t follow the Facebook community standards. We created our standards to help make Facebook a safe place for people to connect with the world around them. Please read the Facebook Community Standards to learn what kinds of posts are allowed on Facebook.”

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The message included the link to the Gay Star News story and the headline associated with the story.

At the same time, Greyland received notification from Facebook that she would not be able to post on the website for the rest of the day.

After trying to post, she received the message, “You can’t post for 19 hours. This is because you posted things that don’t follow our community standards more than once.”

Despite her incarceration in what has become known as “Facebook jail” and the censoring of her link, Facebook left the original post in its place with her approving comment, but with a message over the link stating, “Attachment Unavailable: This attachment may have been removed or the person who shared it may not have permission to share it with you.”

However, more than 24 hours after LifeSite contacted Facebook and was assured that the company was investigating the issue, Facebook revoked its act of censorship and sent an apology to Greyland.

“It looks like we made a mistake and removed something you posted on Facebook that didn't go against our Community Standards,” wrote the company in an email to Greyland.” We want to apologize and let you know that we've restored your content and removed any blocks on your account related to this incorrect action.”

Greyland puzzled by Facebook’s censorship

Moira Greyland told LifeSite that she didn’t understand the reasoning of Facebook’s staff in punishing her over the article, noting that her own personal experience in a family led by two homosexuals had shown her that sexual preferences may be fluid, a conclusion reached also by academic researchers.

“I am puzzled that I would be barred from posting after I had shared something which was shared many times before by other people,” Greyland told LifeSite. “There was nothing offensive about the article, only the subjective experience of a gay male escort who decided he was straight after a year of celibacy.”

“I was interested in the article, because I knew so many young teen and preteen escorts in my house while growing up, and also because so many members of my family (I have gay parents) have gone from gay to straight to poly to straight to everything imaginable,” she added. “Reputable scientific journals can talk about sexual preference being fluid.”

“Was I singled out, because I am a child of gays, and as such my perspective is dangerous to people who need, for whatever reason, to claim that sexual orientation is fixed?” Greyland asked, and wondered, “Are we supposed to conclude that telling the truth violates Facebook’s Community Standards?”

Greyland gained worldwide attention in 2014, when she revealed in an interview that her lesbian mother, the famed science fiction and fantasy author Marion Zimmer Bradley, as well as her homosexual father, Walter Breen, had sexually molested her and her siblings for years. In 2017, she published an account of her life growing up in Zimmer Bradley’s home, called The Last Closet: The Dark Side of Avalon, which became an Amazon No. 1 bestseller in three categories.

Politically incorrect story making waves in among homosexuals

The Gay Star News story that provoked Facebook’s ire is titled “Gay ex-escort gave up sex with men for a year and now says he’s straight,” with the subtitle, “He said he used to wear makeup and be ‘quite camp,’ but now he’s ‘always in tracksuits.’” It recounts conversion of a former male escort who lived a highly promiscuous life but decided to cease from sexual behavior for a year and “focus on myself,” during which he began to feel sexually attracted to women and to lose his attraction to men.

“27-year-old Dominic Hilton came out when he was 14, so he has never been with a woman before. He worked as an escort when he was 18, but then gave it up to be a ‘serial monogamist’ with several long-term boyfriends. But when he broke up with his latest boyfriend on Christmas Day 2017, he decided something needed to change. So he gave up sex for a whole year. After going all of 2018 without sex, he noticed a change in his sexual attractions,” Gay Star News wrote.

“‘Sex is always something I enjoyed,’ he told The Mirror. ‘But this past year, that sexual attraction to men has just gone,’” the article continued, adding later, “‘I just don’t find men attractive anymore,’ he said. ‘I have no intention of sleeping with a man again.’”

Gay Star News isn’t the only homosexual news service to report the story. It is also being reported by Italy’s online news service and the Polish news service Queer. However, it appears that Facebook does not want the story to be published on its site – at least not by Greyland.

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