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LifeSiteNews reporter Lisa Bourne with her husband Chris and three children

Advent is coming to a close and the Christmas season is about to begin.

I say that in one of my continual personal efforts to build and maintain authentic regard for Christmas and what it means.

So often the term “Christmas season” is used in the secular sense, but no, I don’t mean the craziness of holiday retail and all that comes with it.

No, on Christmas Eve the season starts. When we celebrate Christ’s coming in human form to save us. He had to be born and be one of us to fulfill his Father’s plan.

I go to Mass on Sundays and beyond. I sing in my parish’s choir, lector and volunteer in many other ways. After years of hoping and praying, I’ve come to crave Mass and its beauty. I often can’t get enough. But I still struggle to fully grasp what Jesus did for us, even as I approach at each Mass I attend to receive him.

Cardinal Francis Arinze once said if we really grasped the meaning of the true presence in the Eucharist, wouldn’t we crawl to receive it?


And if we really grasped what happened on the first Christmas, would we allow ourselves to be so wrapped up in all the other trappings today that have nothing to do with it, and in fact often take our gaze away?


Faith, family and friends.

That’s what I’m taking stock in. There’s a roof over my head, I’m healthy, as are my kids and my husband. We’ll be together.

And I have LifeSite.

As a journalist for LifeSiteNews, I’m able to share the truth, serve and defend the Lord and support my family. What else is there?

I don’t need a particular holiday to be thankful, I’m happy to be so any day. But Christmas is a fabulous time to be grateful, and to share joy with anyone you know as well as pray for and support everyone who less fortunate.

Merry Christmas!

Editor's Note: As has been our custom for over a decade, LifeSiteNews is again this year publishing Christmas reflections by our staff. For a full listing of this year's reflections, click here.