MEXICO CITY, November 6, 2007 ( – False statistics on maternal mortality were used to justify a law passed this year legalizing abortion in Mexico City, according to Guillermo de Navascués, the subdirector of the international office of the Life Foundation, a Latin American pro-life organization.

  De Navascués states that the statistics published by Mexico City’s Secretary of Health, Dr. Manuel Mondragón y Kalb, were not derived from Mexico City’s health department, but rather from the pro-abortion group Ipas.  While Ipas claimed that 1,527 women had died from complications due to illegal abortions from 1990 to 2005, De Navascués states that the health department’s own statistics, as well as those of other agencies, contradict that number.

  The false statistics, published by Mondragón y Kalb, were used during the debate to justify the legalization of abortion in the district.

  Ipas, which is a major promoter of abortion in Latin America and worldwide, has a long record of involvement in falsifying information to promote its agenda.  Most notoriously, its director for Central America, Marta Maria Blandón, was involved in helping a stepfather of an impregnated girl to escape an investigation in Costa Rica in order to procure an abortion for the girl.  It was later revealed that the stepfather had caused a second pregnancy for his stepdaughter, which affiliates of Blandón had concealed from the public.

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