By Steve Jalsevac

TORONTO, August 5, 2009 ( – Caregivers and close friends of Canada's greatest defender of the Pope Paul VI's encyclical Humanae Vitae – 93-year-old Monsignor Vincent Foy, report that he is still recovering from grave health conditions resulting from a hip injury as the result of a fall in early July.

The report sent to LifeSiteNews states that “Msgr. remains fully cognizant and has been redeemed off life support for the second time.” He is said to be “ecstatic” to now be able to receive “a tiny drop of the Precious Blood” (Holy Communion) on a daily basis. Msgr. has begun speaking, and there is a possibility that his tracheotomy may be reversed.

The famous Canadian priest, canon lawyer and outspoken defender of the Church's moral teachings has undergone multiple surgeries during the past month. He has been taken off the ventilator and last week had a tracheotomy and a stomach feeding tube insertion. It is said that if all goes well, he will learn to speak normally again in 4-8 weeks and will spend at least another month or two in hospital. A new major problem is the difficulty of finding a long term care facility able to take him in as a permanent resident.

Knowing his great dedication to the pro-life cause, “Archbishop Thomas Collins' marvellous recent official public statement on Development and Peace, along with the Lifesite News supportive commentary on this statement, were read to Msgr. Foy,” said the caregivers' report. They added, “Although he could not speak yet due to his tracheotomy, he was most edified on hearing these statements and wrote: “both statements” are “excellent and orthodox.”  Msgr Foy has has been personally concerned about the direction of CCODP for many years.
Prayers are still being asked for his recovery with the hope that he will be able to celebrate his 94th birthday on August 14, as the oldest Toronto Archdiocesan priest. 

This past June 3rd, Msgr. Foy gave a fascinating talk, without notes, about his years as a priest and expressed his gratitude for many named people associated with that life at the conclusion of a special mass celebrating the 70th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

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