MARKDALE, Ontario, August 31, 2011, ( – The second eldest member of a unique and up-and-coming family band from a small central Ontario community has written a beautiful song from the perspective of a child in her mother’s womb as the mother is considering abortion.

Emily Black told LifeSiteNews that she set out to write “Mommy I’m Yours” because she has always had a deep pro-life conviction.


“I’ve always been very pro-life and had a desire to get the word out there, but this song just kind of happened. I started it about a year ago and it just sat there for a while,” Emily said. “My dad always encouraged us to write songs for our shows, so I told him I had written one. With the help of my sisters, we finished it and performed it for our parents who really liked it. So we started doing it in our shows and decided it should go in our album.”

“These walls are thin, but yet I am warm / This is my shelter, this is my temporary home. … / You’re on the phone and you’re crying once again / I don’t know why but I cry too. / Please don’t do this to yourself, don’t do it to me,” Emily’s song begins.

Emily, at nineteen, is the second oldest of the musical Black family’s ten children: the 6 boys and 4 girls range in age from 20 to four.

The Blacks began performing as a family at their grandparents’ nursing home about eight years ago, after being inspired by the performance of another musical family, the Leahys of Lakefield, Ontario, nationally and internationally known for their folk, country and Celtic music, step-dancing and singing.

“Our parents start us all on piano lessons when we’re about 4 years old,” Emily explained, “but after hearing the Leahys in concert about nine years ago, we were inspired to learn the fiddle just because we loved the music. So we got a fiddle, started taking lessons, and it just took off from there.”


The family of musicians went on to perform at local churches, fund-raisers and county fairs. Now well-known all over southern Ontario, the Black Family gave 85 concerts last year, and have just released their second CD, titled “The Sunny Side of Life.”

“Every weekend, especially in the summer and fall, we travel all over southern Ontario, as far as 6 or 7 hours from home, to give our shows,” Emily said. From July to December this year the Black Family is booked at twenty-five events ranging from Owen Sound to Petrolia.

Emily has been singing “Mommy I’m Yours” at their shows for the past year, and told LifeSiteNews that she has never gotten a negative reaction to the song.

“I’ve gotten a lot of positive response to the song at our shows; I’ve never gotten any negative response from anyone. Even if they don’t comment on any other part of the show, people will come up and say how much this song touched them. That’s why we’re keeping it in our shows, because you never know who will hear it that needs to hear it,” she said.

“I love you and I want you to love me too. / Mommy I’m yours, please hold me in your heart, /And don’t let go of me,” Emily sings in the refrain of her song.

Emily also works for the pro-life cause as the secretary for Right to Life in Hanover, Ontario, and mentioned that her family has attended the National March for Life in Ottawa every year. When asked if she would like to perform “Mommy I’m Yours” at the March for Life, she said, “Sure! That would be really something!”

Information about the Black Family, a list of their scheduled performances, and links to “Mommy I’m Yours” and other songs on their new CD are available on the Black Family Music website here.