TORONTO, Mar 1 ( – On February 27, the Family Coalition Party of Ontario held an upbeat pre election annual meeting. The pro-family party is looking forward to its fourth Ontario election. Having survived the three great Liberal, NDP and Conservative electoral sweeps of 1987, 1990 and 1995 respectively, it sees an opportunity for major advances in electoral support this time around.

The meeting was addressed by party leader Giuseppe Gori, who is running in the riding of Halton. It acclaimed a new executive and has accepted the full-time service of former leader Don Pennell of Burlington to assist Mr. Gori on a search and contact team for prospective candidates.

The party finances are in the black. Twelve ridings have a committed candidate, with many more expected to climb on board in the coming months. A new Party election headquarters is to be opened in early March.

Ron Gray, leader of the federal Christian Heritage Party, spoke eloquently about the urgent need for an alternative to the old parties and pledged the full support of his Ontario members to the FCP.  The FCP is best known for its pro-life and pro-family policies. It has a wide-ranging platform, however, covering all areas of provincial jurisdiction. The party advocates “parental choice” in education; it condemns “judicial activism”; it wants improved quality in health care for the elderly; and it wants electoral reform. While being primarily a social policy party, the FCP is also pushing for tax cuts and a smaller government.

The Family Coalition Party needs volunteers and men and women to serve as candidates and in riding associations.

Please contact:
Leader Giuseppe Gori
Phone: (416) 384 5659
E-mail:  [email protected].

Temporary office:
Phone: (905) 640-6702
Fax: (905) 640-8102
E-mail: [email protected]