OTTAWA, July 10, 2001 ( – The Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) is urging pro-family Canadians to express their concerns over the recent decision of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission which noted that a newspaper ad publishing Bible verses on homosexuality was discriminatory. In a release CFAC says it “is very concerned about the serious implications of this ruling on religious freedoms in Canada” and “with the process by which this decision was made.”

The CFAC release notes ” Human Rights Commissions have clearly become another tool of radical special interest groups. Human Rights Commissions are made up of appointed people – not elected. Most appointments to HRC are ideologically based – including ‘gay rights activists’ and others with specific political agendas. Agendas and political philosophy, not justice and equality, is at the heart of these commissions.”

CFAC questions the training in law and justice of many of the people appointed to the commissions as well as the ‘hearing process’ which it calls “faulty.” There are, for example, no ‘rules of evidence’, and no ‘cross examination’ with HRC cases, states CFAC. “There is a tendency to elevate certain people’s rights over those of others. For example, in the Owen’s case, the rights of religious people, as specifically guaranteed in the Canadian constitution, were overridden by ‘sexual orientation’ rights, even though such rights are not even mentioned in the same constitution. The arbitrary powers to impose sentences and fines by a “one person” adjudicator are even questionable under the rule of law in Canada. There is no appeal process in the HRC “world”,” says CFAC.

CFAC urges pro-family Canadians to express their concerns over the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission. It suggests that the Justice Minister as well as the Leader of the Opposition Party be called and requested to take the following actions: * The role and powers of the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission be reviewed and be limited or eliminated. * That the SHRC be phased out and that the Legal Courts of Canada be restored with the role of dealing with legitimate cases of human rights violations as is done with assaults or defamation cases.

Minister of Justice/Attorney General of Saskatchewan, Chris Axworthy Phone: 306-787-5353 Fax: 306-787-1232 Email: [email protected]

The Saskatchewan Party Leader , Elwin Hermanson Phone; 306-882-1350 Email : [email protected]

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