COLOMBIA, November 23, 2010 ( – The well-known pro-abortion feminist and psychologist Florence Thomas has published an account of her illegal abortion at the age of 22, obtained in the mid-1960s in France, in which she refers to her unborn child as a “tumor.”

In the account, Thomas says that she knew that there were “risks” associated with her out-of-wedlock relationship with her boyfriend.

“I remember the nights of warmth and love.  Love every night, love at midday, and the euphoria of having the world in our hands,” she writes. “And yes, we took risks.  The love merited it. Love always merits it.”

However, when the “risk” turned into the reality of an unborn child in Thomas’ womb, she and her boyfriend quickly agreed to end its life at the hands of a renegade doctor, “expelled and condemned by the Association of Gynecologists,” who performed abortions secretly at his house on the outskirts of Paris.

After the doctor had dismembered her unborn child, Thomas says she felt “a relief. An immense relief.  This tumor went away, disappeared. I could go back to living.”

Thomas, who moved to Colombia to follow her then-boyfriend, is now a psychologist at the National University of Colombia and the founder of the Woman and Society Group (Grupo Mujer y Sociedad).  She is famous for her claim that women should be permitted to terminate the lives of their unborn children whenever the child isn’t “desired” by the mother, because the love of the mother is what “humanizes” the fetus.

Although Thomas claims she has never felt any guilt following the deadly procedure, she admits that afterward she “knew that I would not ever again have an abortion in my life. I went through that once in my life, and I would not do it twice.  Today I continue to wonder how a woman can have an abortion two or three times and even more.”

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