LIVERMORE, California, August 19, 2004 ( – In September, Monty Patterson will travel to Washington, DC to speak against the RU-486 abortion pill. A year ago, the pill spelled the death of his 18-year-old daughter Holly.  Patterson will meet with officials of the Food and Drug Administration September 16, the day before the first anniversary of Holly’s death. He has kept September 17 free of commitments, saying he will “hold that day close to my heart. I don’t want any kind of agenda to deal with other than to just think of Holly.” He is working on scheduling meetings with a number of White House officials and plans to address the national convention of the pro-life group Concerned Women for America.  Holly’s dad wants RU-486 taken off the market, but says it may not be realistic to hope for. He said, “I think big changes have to be made certainly with consumer awareness and education. There has to be more accountability in how it’s administered.”  The Alameda County Coroner’s Office confirmed last November that the 18-year-old died from a massive infection caused by inflammation of her uterus after she was given a dose of RU-486 at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Hayward and took home a follow-up pill to help expel aborted fetal tissue the next day.  Since RU-486 received U.S. approval, Danco, the distributor of the drug, has reported 400 complications to the FDA. Use of the drug has lead to 4 reported deaths in North America alone.  Read additional LifeSite coverage:  Hospital Failed to Cite Holly Patterson’s Death from RU-486 as Unusual.   RU-486 Death of Swedish 16-Year Old Girl   Canadian woman dies in RU-486 abortion pill test