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NEW YORK, April 29, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – The FBI confiscated computers and cell phones from the office and apartment of Rudy Giuliani on Wednesday. The move was ostensibly part of a criminal investigation into the former New York mayor and Trump attorney’s dealings in Ukraine, but conservatives suspect it may have more to do with Giuliani’s role in exposing scandals involving the current president, Joe Biden.

The New York Times reported that federal investigators are supposedly looking into whether Giuliani illegally lobbied the Trump administration on behalf of Ukrainian officials, specifically evidence of communications with the country’s former president Petro Poroshenko and two former prosecutors who had helped him gather information about the Biden family’s own dealings in the Ukraine. During the last months of the 2020 campaign, Giuliani played a major role in disseminating information about the Bidens’ financial gains from meetings with foreign nationals.

Agents also carried out a search warrant at the Washington home of attorney Victoria Toensing, who also worked on the Biden investigation, for her cellphone. A spokesman for Toensing’s law firm said she is not a target of the investigation.

“The execution of search warrants is an extraordinary action for prosecutors to take against a lawyer, let alone a lawyer for a former president,” acknowledged Times reporters William Rashbaum, Ben Protess, Maggie Haberman, and Kenneth Vogel.

Giuliani’s own attorney, Robert Costello, responded to the news with a statement accusing the Biden Justice Department of corruption and double standards.

“The search warrants involve only one indication of an alleged incident of failure to register as a foreign agent. Mayor Giuliani has not only denied this allegation, but offered twice in the past two years through his attorney Bob Costello to demonstrate that it is entirely untrue,” the statement read. “Twice the offer was rejected by the SDNY by stating that while they were willing to listen to anything Mr. Costello had to say, they would not tell Mr. Giuliani or Mr. Costello, the subject matter they wanted him to address.

“This contrasts with multiple proven incidences of failure to file as a foreign agent contained on the Biden hard drive which the FBI and the Department of Justice has ignored,” Costello continued. “You have not seen the home of Hunter Biden raided by the FBI with search warrants. This behavior of the justice department, enabled by a compliant media, running roughshod over the constitutional rights of anyone involved in, or legally defending, former President Donald J. Trump is becoming the rule, rather than the exception.”

Costello further noted that the seized devices are “replete with the material covered by the attorney-client privilege and other constitutional privileges,” and that the “FBI left behind the only electronics that contain evidence of crimes, the Hunter Biden hard drives.”

“Remember the newspaper reports that explained that twice before, the SDNY went to Main Justice to seek permission to obtain a search warrant for Mr. Giuliani’s electronic devices and twice before the request was rejected,” Costello added. “What changed? A new administration – a new Attorney General. Were they ever informed of Mr. Costello’s offer? Was the judge who signed the search warrant ever informed of Mr. Costello’s offer? We think not.”

Ukraine became a major subject in U.S. politics when Trump requested that the country’s president help investigate foreign interference in the 2016 presidential election, as well as Biden’s role in the ouster of a prosecutor who had been investigating his son’s business dealings in the country. The propriety of that request was the subject of the first failed attempt to impeach Trump.